Learning to make selfies in England

I realize that I’ve promised posts about my travels while here, but at the moment I’m too busy running around, and too worn out in the evening when I get back to the BnB. But never fear, I am taking notes and composing posts in my mind and on paper, and I will post some of the results of my research when I get back, at the latest.

In the meantime, here are some of my attempts to make selfies with my relatively new smartphone. You can’t really tell, but this is me in Salisbury Cathedral:

Dark blob in Salisbury Cathedral

Here’s one on a bike ride on the one really lovely day:

Bike tour to Amesbury

And here are two in Stonehenge:

Me at Stonehenge

Me at Stonehenge

More when I have more time and brain cells. :)

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About Ruth Nestvold

Ruth Nestvold's short fiction has appeared in numerous markets, including Asimov's, F&SF, Baen's Universe, Strange Horizons, Scifiction, and Gardner Dozois's Year's Best Science Fiction. Her fiction has been nominated for the Nebula, Tiptree, and Sturgeon Awards. In 2007, the Italian translation of her novella "Looking Through Lace" won the "Premio Italia" award for best international work. Her novel Flamme und Harfe appeared in translation with the German imprint of Random House, Penhaligon, in 2009 and has since been translated into Dutch and Italian. She maintains a web site at www.ruthnestvold.com.
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4 Responses to Learning to make selfies in England

  1. You should come to Bristol where I live – it’s a great city with lots to see and do. :)

  2. Wow, looks like you’re having a wonderful time! Cheers!

  3. Widdershins says:

    Yay! You made it to the ‘Henge’ :D

  4. Lee McAulay says:

    Ruth, if you get a chance I recommend Avebury stone circle, Silbury Hill and the West Kennet Long Barrow, all within five minutes of each other (and there’s a pub in the middle of Avebury village). Further afield, there’s the White Horse of Uffington and Wayland’s Smithy, north of Salisbury Plain. Hope the weather stays good for you. Have you seen any crop circles yet?

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