What’s New, October 2008

Just returned last week from the latest Villa Diodati workshop — a number of pictures on my Flickr site. My next non-writing project is to update the web page with info on the previous two workshops and participants.

In other news:

– My story Troy and the Aliens is now up on Abyss and Apex.

– The brochure for the Spring 2009 program for the new fantasy imprint of Random House Germany Penhaligon includes a three page spread for Flamme und Harfe (once known as Yseult):

Note: Trying to open the PDF in my browser killed it, but if you have the same problem and you really want to see it, you can right click and save to disk, and Acrobat will open the local file with no problem. Further note: The chick on the first full page spread is me, with a lot of help from a brilliant photographer and expat like me. (Apparently the explanation is necessary, since a number of my nieces and nephews didn’t have a clue it was me when I showed the brochure off.)

– Reprint rights for Yseult in Dutch have just sold to a publisher by the name of Mynx for a surprisingly respectable advance.

– I sold my short story “On the Shadow Side of the Beast” to Apex Magazine. I have never written horror in my life, so I’m a bit surprised and very pleased with this particular sale.

– The subagent for Random House Germany in Spain has named Yeult / Flamme und Harfe “Book of the Week”: link


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