A Round of Words in Eighty Days

I’m a bit addicted to writing challenges, and I just heard about a new one which seems to be right up my alley, since it allows for Life Happening. So, although I am already participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon, I’m also signing up for the ROW80 a day late. My goals for the next 80 days:

– For the rest of the month while I’m working on short stories for the CW challenge, 4000 words a week

– After that, 10 pages revised a day on Chameleon in a Mirror + an average of 1 page a day new writing on Fragments of Legend. I’m keeping it low so that I will still have time for all the research I know I still need to do — and I won’t kick myself too much about it!

Once the revision of CIAM is complete and writing time frees up for other projects, I’ll post new goals.


One thought on “A Round of Words in Eighty Days”

  1. Welcome to Round 3, Ruth! You have good, measurable goals; also, you’ve hit upon the beauty of ROW80, in that if you need to tweak these goals, there is no shame or apology for doing so.

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