A Zeppelin for Your Thoughts

That was the working title of the story I finished (in very rough draft) today. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the title, since for 1) the story doesn’t have the humorous tone the title suggests, and 2) during the period I’m writing about, giving airships that name would be too anachronistic, even for steampunk, and besides) Graf Zeppelin is a minor character in the story. I’m thinking I might call it “An Airship for Elise” but that’s not decided yet. Comments on the title welcome!

Despite finishing this rough draft, progress has slowed up a lot for me in the last few days. I think this has a couple of reasons. For one, I had Grandma duties twice this week, and when the (totally engrossing) young one is around, I don’t have any time for writing. Still, I love it. She gives back in fascination at the way her mind is developing (she’s a year-and-a-half and already has a vocabulary in the dozens in two languages) and general grandma-happy-hormones that more than makes up for the lost writing time. For another, I’ve often noticed that for me a period of high productivity where I’m pushing myself is followed by a phase of a lot fewer words. I wouldn’t exactly call it burn-out this time, but I seem to be in need of a bit of rejuvenation. I’ve only gotten twenty pages on “Chameleon in a Mirror” revised (my Aphra Behn time travel), and 800 words on the steampunk story. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with myself a bit by the end of the week.

3 thoughts on “A Zeppelin for Your Thoughts”

  1. I think we all have periods of frantic writing followed by “Wow, I’m tired now.” Ups and downs, highs and lows, it’s an author’s way of life. ROW80 always lets you readjust your goals if you need to. Still, it sounds like you’re doing fine. Just keep going and you’ll hit another high productivity period. Good luck!

  2. Yes, I love the highs and lows of writing. Sometimes the brain needs a chance to just rest up a little and take a break. I’m sure there’s another high productivity period coming up around the corner!

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