Balancing writing and life

Now that the Clarion West Write-a-thon is over, my writing goals revolve around finishing a couple more stories that didn’t quite get done in those six weeks, and moving forward on the revisions of my novel Chameleon in a Mirror again. As I reported earlier in the week, I had a mild case of burnout, and later in the week, my time got waylaid by grandmother duties. This is not a complaint. Somewhere or another I read a writing goal that really resonated with me, “tempering ambition with a balanced life.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember where it’s from so I can’t give credit, but one thing I know, my family is part of my balanced life, as weird and patchwork as it is. And as exhausting as she can sometimes be, my granddaughter gives me so much joy, it makes up for a lot of the frustration and rejection that comes with being a writer. A year and a half, and she says, “Ach so!” in exactly the right tone of voice after being told how her daddy borrowed Grandpa’s car to go to Berlin. It’s a moment of laughter. Like when she points to the blackberry stains on her bib and says “Erdbeer” (German for strawberry, but it’s her default word for berries). Or that her default word for dog is “goggie” rather than “Hund”, even though her linguistic environment is at least 90% German.

So anyway, besides the babysitting and other life stuff, I got about 50 pages revised on my Aphra Behn time travel novel, and 1400 words done on stories in progress.

Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Balancing writing and life”

  1. Yes, balance is something I am currently needing help with. On a completely different note, we’re learning German here now!

  2. A balanced life is the goal.
    I’m 40, which makes me a “Generation X”.
    Esp. in our 20’s, we were accused of being lazy, while what we were really doing was learning to live better. I’m not lazy because I put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of doing them by hand.

    I’m glad you can enjoy this time with your grand daughter! My own parents retired to another state before our baby turned one, and I am very disappointed that my girls don’t get to have that kind of regular interaction with their grandparents.

  3. Balanced life is the only life that seems to get something done, so, I’d say you have had a great week! I’m just past 40 with two kids, and there are days where the ambitions FLEE my goals. And I put my feet up. Life is short, and moments matter, but life is too short for me to make myself – and the whole house – cranky! I like your attitude, and your steady progress is a great thing for me to read about on a monday morning. Have a great week, thanks for the post!

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