Shiny New Stories

Working to complete a couple of things to deadlines, I got not one, but two stories finished this week! One was for a story challenge on the Codex Writers Workshop; the other was to be able to get a story in to a market before it closes. Total word count for the week was 5500, one of my most productive weeks in a long time.

I’m really enjoying writing short stories again. For the last couple of years I’ve been concentrating on novels. With novels, you spend so much time in the same world for so long … With a short story, if the research isn’t too complicated, it can be finished in a week or two. And then you have the satisfaction of having something that’s done and can be sent out after revisions–which don’t take anywhere near as long as for a novel. Of course, if it turns into a novella or there are tons of facts to check, it can easily take longer. (I still haven’t finished the story set on Jupiter’s moons, frex.)

In the spirit of getting things done, I recommend a great post by Kristen Lamb on self-discipline. I’m definitely not the most disciplined person in the world, but when I plug away, even I can get things done. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Shiny New Stories”

  1. thank you for the link -good article indeed – however small winge because of your link I have just spent half an hour on blogs/twitter/other interesting wanders have just back to source – you!!!! joking apart – all the best for this week

  2. One of the reasons I figured out while I wasn’t getting my novels done was exactly that, getting stuck in another world for too long.

    I need short bursts and it is fun to finish something in a week or two. Good luck with the short stories.

  3. hah canning – I have been trying to find out what is meant by canning over the pond there – does it involve tins/cans as in metal or is to do with glass jars and mean chutney and pickles? dying to know please help

    1. Yeah, we Americans imprecisely tend to refer to various forms of non-freezer preserving as “canning” even though no cans are involved. For some reason I wouldn’t use it for chutney or jams, though. And for pickles only as an overarching term. So analyzing it, I think it would be for preserves that you can get in a can, like sauerkraut or stewed tomatoes or the like. Or if you’re making a lot of different things that don’t fit under one label. Then I guess I would use it for chutneys too, so I am contradicting myself! I am large, I contain multitudes …

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