New cover and some drafting

Still pretty busy with the latest translation project, and I haven’t had much time for writing fiction. That’s the problem with freelance work — when I have a deadline, it’s very hard for me to take time time off for fiction. I did, however, make a bit of a dent in my fiction to-do list. I did a lot of research for the medieval level of Fragments of Legend and did some tweaking on my outline. I’m hoping to get a more logical and compelling plot brainstormed than I had originally and then try to write the whole medieval story line more quickly than I usually do. I’ve noticed that I write faster when I know what it is that needs to be written, so this is a bit of an experiment. I want to see if getting a more detailed outline written beforehand will help me get a complete first draft written faster.

But first, this translation job has to be done.

With my daughter’s help and a little instruction in Photoshop, I also did a new cover for Looking Through Lace:

Looking Through Lace

What do y’all think? I uploaded it to both Smashwords and Amazon, but the Kindle version hasn’t updated the image yet, unfortunately.

I also received my first blog award this week, the Liebster Blog Award from Elizabeth Anne Mitchell! Thank you, my dear. 🙂 I will try to send it along in the next few days.

12 thoughts on “New cover and some drafting”

  1. I LOVE the cover, Ruth. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Good luck getting the translation job out of the way, and working on that outline. While I prefer to write scene-by-scene, I also function much better if I have an idea of where I’m headed. I’m going to be experimenting with outlines as well over the next few months, so I’ll be interested to see how your experiment turns out for you.

    Have a great week!

    1. Glad you think so, Jamila!

      I’ll try to remember to post about the success (or lack of same) on getting the medieval level of the latest novel written. Who knows, might be useful for someone. 🙂

  2. Love the new cover, Ruth. Full color nebulous clouds are always attractive as Hubble has proven. Here’s to hoping that you are able to finish your translation project and free up time to spend with your fiction. Have a great week 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gene! The translation project is a lot of a work, but that also means security to write at leisure at a later date. So I guess I will just deal with only minimal time to write at the moment!

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