When writing projects stall out

Got another 20,000+ words done — on the translation. It’ll be close, but it looks like we’re going to be able to finish this project before we fly. That’s means lots of Euros, which is a good thing.

The downside is the lack of word count. Just about all I’ve gotten around to is sitting down with pen and notebook and brainstorming plot and character details for the medieval level of Fragments of Legend. I’ve also bought some reference books for my Kindle and chosen a couple of physical books to take along. (I’m a research addict — sometimes I just can’t move forward if I don’t know that one detail. I’m working on my addiction, I swear.) During one brainstorming session in hard copy, however, I did get a complete outline of the section of the novel I’m hoping to work on during our vacation. We’re trapped on a ship much of the time, after all. 🙂 I’m very happy about the hard-copy outline, and it will be coming with me, as well as my text directory, which is even now being copied to my external hard drive, after which it will go onto the mini-computer. Wish me luck on getting some writing done while cruising the fjords!

Since I don’t know if we’ll have Internet on the Hurtigruten ship (don’t worry, it’s not the one that caught fire a couple of days ago), this might well be my last post for a while. If we do have access to the wider world, I may try to get some pictures up and report on our trip and whether being on vacation is better for writing than having a deadline.

4 thoughts on “When writing projects stall out”

  1. Hmm, maybe because I’ve been reading Old French, where things are described two different ways in the same sentence, but I keep recasting “stall” as “rest,” “hibernate,” “percolate.” It’s all fodder, Ruth. It’s all going into the big Dutch oven simmering on the stove and combining flavors into something wonderful.

    Enjoy the fjords; enjoy what ends up on the page and trust that the rest is finding its place. 🙂

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