Progress Report

I fell a bit behind on my word count goals this week, for a number of reasons. Besides an autumn cold and some extra hours emergency babysitting of my granddaughter, the main thing that slowed down new word count was several collaborative stories that all arrived at about the same time and that required revision and response. Since one of them is a requested rewrite, I’m not complaining — a prospect of publication is always good!

Goal check:

Write 5000 words a weekOnly a little over half: 3000 words this week.
Get three short stories revised and out on the marketLots of progress on this one. I got one new story submitted, and sent out three submissions of stories that either had recently been rejected or were languishing on my hard drive.
Update my web page – No progress 😦
Put two new collections of previously published stories up on Smashwords and Amazon – No progress 😦
Get my novel Yseult up on Smashwords and Amazon before Christmas – No progress 😦
Fix file for Looking Through Lace on Smashwords – No progress 😦
Upload Looking Through Lace to Amazon again – No progress 😦

While editing my story database for the collabs, I noticed that I have a whopping twenty-two stories that are not out on the market. Five of those are recently written and still need revision and probably workshopping before I can send them out. All of the rest are just sitting there because I’ve gotten so bad about submitting my fiction. So I need to add another goal to the list:

Get my “ready to send” stories down to under ten

This might involve trunking some of the stories that have made the rounds, which is why I’m not expressing it as a submission goal. What I really need is to get back to work on marketing and get my database up to date.

I’m not editing my word count goal down yet. I’m hoping this week was an aberration and I can soon get back up to 5000 words a week.

6 thoughts on “Progress Report”

  1. A requested rewrite is a huge deal and I would definitely put that ahead of word count. Hope all is well with you and the family (unexpected babysitting). Great job on the short stories. Have an awesome week, Ruth 🙂

  2. Great productivity, I’m gradually getting stuff sent out to the market again but huge backlog of rewriting to do. Sometimes word count has to take a back seat, have a great week.

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