How Much Blog is Enough Blog? Or; how I doubled my fiction output in just one month!

I’ve been doing some reassessing (as well as a lot of fiction writing!), and both are part of the reason I haven’t been posting to my blog much lately. I’ve met tons of wonderful people through the blogosphere, but at some point I realized I was spending way too much time on this stuff, to the detriment of my fiction production. While I was reassessing, I read couple of posts that really struck a chord with me. In “Blog ennui and platforms built of bodies” Susan Bischoff summed up pretty much exactly the way I felt:

We’re all under so much pressure to publish content, any content, just to get it out there, on a regular basis, regardless of its quality. Okay, most of that’s pressure we put on ourselves because that’s what we do. But still, we’re not the freakin’ Borg and that idea’s coming from somewhere.

We’re going to commit to blogging three times a week. Doesn’t matter what we blog about. Doesn’t matter what our motivation is for typing the words on the screen, the important thing is just to get it out there and then go promote it. Do I know in my gut that this is a good post, that I wrote it for purpose, that I had something to offer? Screw that, doesn’t matter, promote that bitch and let’s get some numbers on that stats page. Because if we don’t, someone else will and we’ll be lost in the sea of social media noise. If we don’t stop moving we’ll die, DIE!!! and then this platform we’ve been struggling to build, body by b–er, I mean, plank by posty goodness plank of brilliance will be CRUSHED!

I had started feeling like I didn’t really have anything to say, but that’s no excuse: there’s this meme out there telling us if we don’t post at least twice a week, we’re committing social media suicide. I was spending so much time on writing posts and visiting other people’s sites and commenting and trying to be a good community member, it was getting hard to find the time to actually write fiction, which is what I supposedly do (when I’m not translating interfaces and computer manuals). Another thing was, after I started blogging twice a week, I didn’t see any real increase in ebook sales. Yes, my Twitter followers increased dramatically, from next-to-nothing to a little more than next-to-nothing. (For some reason, my number of Facebook “friends” is exploding, even though I don’t use Facebook much at all anymore. Go figure.) But sales? They just trickled along in the same leisurely way they had before.

So I stopped. I dived off the bridge and committed social media suicide. In the last month, I’ve only posted to my blog twice. And I’ve gotten about 36,000 words of fiction written. In the four weeks before that, my output was less than 16,000. Part of the increase in word count is of course due to the fun and games of Nanowrimo, but not all. I’m working on putting Writing First, and while I still get caught in the time trap of reading email when I should be writing, I tend to start writing earlier than I used to, as long as I remind myself of my new mantra: without fiction, platform is schmatform. And – SURPRISE! – when I spend more time on writing fiction, I get more words of fiction created.

A couple of other posts I would recommend in this context:

The Red Pen of Doom, “The Twitter, it is NOT for selling books”

Kait Nolan, “Social Media Ennui”

Kristen Lamb, “Beware the Social Media Snuggie–One Size Does NOT Fit All”

In other news, a Hungarian website put up an article talking about me and my novellas “Looking Through Lace” and “Beyond the Waters of the World,” as well as several other writers with free fiction up on the Internet. I can’t read it, but I still think it’s cool! One of these days, I’ll chase the thing through an online translator and get a chuckle at the results.

Another nice bit of recognition came from the new site for St Michael’s church in Harbledown near Cantebury, the church where the most likely candidate for the real Aphra Behn was baptized. They asked permission to link to my Aphra Behn page, and naturally I told them I would be honored.

I’m off to the next Villa Diodati workshop this week, so my fiction production will most likely drop off again, since I have to read a bunch of stories and write critiques. But at least after that I will have something to blog about — a workshop report. 🙂

7 thoughts on “How Much Blog is Enough Blog? Or; how I doubled my fiction output in just one month!”

  1. Ruthy 😀 Lol, tell me if that absolutely drives you nuts!! While I haven’t really embarked on the whole “platforming” journey yet, I can see how it would get tiring. The sole function of my blog at the moment is to post ROW80 updates. It is all consuming at the moment, and I couldn’t even think of writing something else. That being said, as of right now, my opinion is that it’s your blog so you should write on it when you want and it should be fun. I know that you have to be responsible sometimes, but who will enjoy it if you’re not enjoying it yourself?! Glad you’ve been having a good week, and good luck with next!!

    1. Naw, doesn’t drive me nuts, Lauren! Reminds me of my favorite aunt, who used to always call me Ruthy. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement to be just as lazy about my blogging as I want to! *g*

  2. Roni Loren also posted something a while back about blogging and how she mainly does it because she enjoys it. I was blogging 3 times a week, and it was too much so I took it back to twice a week and I love it. It’s been good for me to have that consistency of writing something and to reach out. I thinking blogging is a good practice, but frequency is up to the author.

    It sounds like you’re happy with your refocus on the fiction. Ultimately, that’s the point: To be a writer. Best wishes with your ROW80 goals!

    1. Exactly, Julie, I have to find the place I’m comfortable with and where blogging doesn’t get too much in the way of my writing, For you it’s twice a week, for me it may end up being twice a month, who knows, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

      Best of luck to you too!

  3. I recently backed off on my blogging. I knew for me to get through NaNo that I couldn’t keep up the pace. It is a difficult balancing act that we’re supposed to maintain, and sometimes you just have to back off for a while.

    Enjoy your writing, and have a great Thanksgiving. ~clink~

  4. Thanks for mentioning my post, Ruth. I enjoyed your very much. I know I’m a huge Buffy dork, but when she jumped off the crazy tower things seemed to go much better for her for a while. Until Fate stepped in and started up a new season, anyway. Maybe we should do polls to see how many people who read our blogs have read our fiction.

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