Yseult: Covers and Edits

I’m afraid I’m not going to get Yseult up by Christmas after all, too much Christmas-like stuff going on for me to spend as much time on e-book creation as I’d intended. Besides, even though this book has been through so many hands, has been critiqued and edited and translated, I’m still finding a lot more minor typos and little things to change than I had expected. I’m about halfway through the 750 page manuscript now after a week of work, but I also already have all my Christmas presents bought and most of them wrapped. I’ve changed my goal for getting the book up to before New Year’s Day.

I’ve hired an artist for the cover, Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers, and I’ve gotten permission from him to post some of his initial designs to get some feedback. Please tell me what you think!

Yseult Cover 4

Yseult Cover 3

Yseult Cover 2

Yseult Cover 1

Do any of these covers grab you? Why or why not? What suggestions do you have to make them better?

16 thoughts on “Yseult: Covers and Edits”

  1. I vote for the first or the last. I think the second and third look too modern in some ways. I suspect the fourth one would work best once it’s a little better integrated (I get that these are just placeholders). I think I prefer the title font of the first–it’s a little easier to read. The font in the last one should be fine too, though, as long as it’s on a solid background–right now it’s split between window and sky.

    They look very nice, though. Very curious to see the end result!

    1. Thanks for the detailed response, Corinne! I’m definitely with you regarding the font, although I had a weakness for the warrior chick. 🙂

  2. I also like the first and the last one. I asked the hubby to take a look and his vote goes to the first one. ‘Definitely the first one,” is what he said.

  3. Thanks, Rochita! By now, public opinion is definitely inclined towards Little Mermaid With Castle. *g* I will see what the designer can do to allay mermaid associations. 🙂

  4. I like the first and the third. The wall in the second is distancing to me, as if she is watching someone else’s story. The fourth has me focusing on her intricate hairstyle and how much time that would take to do and how long the flours would live. It feels very strange to me to have a protag with her back to me as an introduction.

  5. Last one! I like the characters not to be plastered on the front in a close-up. That is a pet peeve of mine though. They’re all beautiful, but the last one is my favorite and looks like one I’d snatch up.

    So exciting!

  6. Hi, Ruth! Gorgeous covers. My faves are the mermaid one and the hair one. I think the mermaid one is more mysterious and romantic, and the hair one may appeal to romance readers.

    1. Thanks, Deanna! The “mermaid” as you call it has won (she really is sitting way too much like the little mermaid, isn’t she?). My cover artist is now working on the fine-tuning. I hope he can get her look a little less mermaid-like. 🙂

  7. How funny, I actually vote for the 1st and the 3rd. The 4th just stands out way too much for the dark background. The 2nd just seems wrong for a King Arthur type story.

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