Yseult cover update: We’re just about there!

I got a new version of the “winning” cover for Yseult back from the artist today, Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers:

Yseult Cover

This is probably very close to final, if I can’t think of anything that still needs to be done. 🙂 I like the sword being more central in this version, and the wall keeps her from looking like a mermaid, I think. I had a bit of a weakness for the warrior chick, but those who already read the book and voted were strongly in favor of this cover. I’m pretty happy with it now. What about you? If it were a physical book, would you pick it up in the store?

Interestingly enough, here’s the quote prefacing the chapter I’m presently editing:

Love left me like a coal upon the floor,
Like a half-burned sod that is never put out.
Worse than the cough, worse than the fever itself,
Worse than any curse at all under the sun,
Worse than the great poverty
Is the devil that is called “Love” by the people.
And if I were in my young youth again
I would not take, or give, or ask for a kiss.

“He Cries out Against Love,” translated from the Irish by Lady Gregory

Seems to me it fits very well with the cover. 🙂

Things are moving forward, and I’m excited. Maybe I really will still get this novel up before the end of the year!

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