Yseult Snack Rating: Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Kettle Chips

That’s the summary of the first review Yseult received on Amazon. I have never heard of the “snack rating” before, but I have to admit I like it, since I love Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Kettle Chips, spicy and sweet and salty all at once, an incredibly intense flavor sensation. If they had those things here in Germany, I would probably be a couple more kilos overweight than I already am.

So anyway, the week has been a washout as far as new writing is concerned. I wanted to try to balance marketing and writing, but I’m really not very good at balancing. I’ve been spending so much time figuring out how to promote Yseult that I seem to have temporarily (I hope) marketed my creative gene out of existence.

BUT there are advantages. I had a Photoshop session with my daughter where we developed a cover for a collection of short stories featuring “Dragon Time.” And once we got the cover design completed, I also got the story collection up on Amazon:

New Dragon Time Cover

In other news: Yseult will be available FREE through the Kindle Select program for 48 hours, January 9-10. Please pass the word along! Even if you don’t like the spice of Buffalo Blue Cheese Kettle Chips, the point of one of these free promotions is to increase “sales” and thus visibility. So if you read this, please help yourself to my (spicy) Big Fat Arthurian Fantasy!

14 thoughts on “Yseult Snack Rating: Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Kettle Chips”

  1. Ruth, balancing is a toughie -especially when marketing is involved (it takes soooo much time!); but I admire your attitude -it’s almost contagious! 😀 I think your photoshop session proved successful and you are going about marketing and writing in the right way -so keep up the excellent work & I hope to catch-up with your progress as we continue through the round.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Yikici! As interesting as this experiment is proving to be, it is rather eating me alive. *g* I will have to step back soon for a while and get some more writing done!

  2. I’ve never heard of the snack rating either, but I love the idea. The cover is beautiful btw. I’ve never had anything to market…well a group blog — so different — but I do see when I try to go online w/facebook and twitter more often, my writing suffers. Good luck with balancing!

    1. Oh, yeah, my wriitng … can you say non-existent? *g* But I won’t be able to hold out much longer — I’ll have to take a break from marketing for a while and get back to the writing. And thanks for the comments on the cover!

  3. I’ll pass the word along! I’m the last person to give advice on balance. Good luck with it, though. 🙂

  4. Great book cover! I’m going to show my daughter. She’s a big dragon fan.

    “Yseult” is now on my List of Books to Read in 2012. All these affordable – and free – books is going to make it very hard to choose what to read this year.

    All the best with your marketing – and writing.

    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks so much, Steph! Well, at least ebooks have the advantage that you don’t have to buy new shelves regularly. 🙂

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