Giving more books away and a new review

I was recently asked how my strategies for getting reviews were working, and all I can say is – not. I have several people interested in doing an interview with me, though. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Writing a review is definitely more work than sending out interview questions and then posting them to your blog. I’m not knocking it; it’s just an observation. I’m learning as I go here.

I did get a review yesterday, though, completely unsolicited, for my new story collection Never Ever After. By a guy who must be another ideal reader of mine. *g* I got such a kick out of it that I have to quote it:

First off, I’m struck by her lyricism. Although she’s writing in a novelistic style … there is a kind of poetry to her language, a rhythmic and musical quality to it. Unlike texts that hew completely to a novelistic style–where the reader can “forget” the language and thereby concentrate on the story–Nestvold’s stories really make you revel in a good turn of phrase.

Gotta love it when someone thinks you’re talkin’ purty, right? 🙂 The flip side of the kind of style I used in these stories is that for some readers the language gets in the way of the story proper; it draws attention to itself, something we are taught not to do. But it’s fun to break rules now and then.

So if you like revisionist fairy tales and language that calls attention to itself, you can get my short story collection, Never Ever After, FREE from February 5-7. Pass the word along!

I’ve mostly been sticking with the two days of marketing a week, while the rest of the time I’ve been editing Shadow of Stone. I’m about halfway through, now. Still haven’t contacted the professional editors I’m considering hiring, though. I really should do that tomorrow — as long as I can get it taken care of before I have to pick up my granddaughter from daycare. 🙂

Despite marketing efforts, sales of Yseult have dwindled to just a couple a day, and it has dropped off the bestseller lists. But if I spend too much time marketing, I won’t have any new material. According to Those Who Know, publishing new books is the best way to draw attention to the books you already have. I need to keep that in mind when I’m tempted to try Something! Anything! to push my sales figures back up.

If anyone has any tips on getting reviews, I would love to hear them!

8 thoughts on “Giving more books away and a new review”

  1. Here’s hoping to more reviews for you. The way I’ve heard it all is just to go out and do the hard work of making certain you can gain an audience. James Dashner, a Bestselling author in Utah mentioned at a conference last year that when he started out he spent his saturdays in book stores doing signings to get someone to purchase his books. While really hard work it turned into him gaining an audience enough to become a best seller. Hard work pays off! Keep at it Ruth! You can do it!

  2. I’m guessing that you’ve already tried submitting Yseult to professional book review blogs like Fantasy Book Critic, and that hasn’t worked out. I do believe that nothing sells old work like writing new work, but there may be ways of getting more reviews yet. Getting a work adopted by a Goodreads reading group can be like a golden ticket to getting your work read by an interested group & getting reviews and discussion for it… but that’s a area of marketing that’s outside of an author’s control!

    The Never Ever After free promotion that you’ll be running this week may drive more sales back to Yseult.

    1. Yes, I have, but I didn’t know about Fantasy Book Critic – thanks for the tip! On my next round of review queries, I’ll drop them a line. I’m still spending a lot of time just trying to *find* the book blogs that might be willing to read Yseult. 🙂

      And yes, part of the idea of the story collection was to increase visibility again. *g*

      1. I’m glad I could point you to them! Part of the battle is just finding the review blogs in the first place… here’s hoping to the success of the Never Ever After give-away, and a good week in general! :o)

  3. Hi – This may or may not be what you need – but it’s possibly worth a mention – they get you quality reviews.

    Otherwise, put it up on your profiles, you Social Network walls – ‘FREE books for a review.’

    And/or – get a book tour company to sort that out for you? I do reviews, but I’m turning peeps down as I just have too many in line, already. Also, I tend to say yes without actually checking out the description and end up with all sorts. Ensure your reviewers enjoy your genre – it WILL make a difference. I won’t judge on the genre, if it’s one I’d normally not read, I judge on the writing, story, characters etc. Others do not, which is unfair really.

    Best of luck with all your WIPs too. I really need to get my head down *groan*. 😀

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