If Tears Were Wishes and Other Short Stories Now Available for Kindle

Time and the dark
Had come, but not alone. The southern gate …
Made now an entrance for three other men,
Who strode along the gravel or the grass,
Careless of who should hear them. When they came
To the great oak and the two empty chairs,
One paused, and held the others with a tongue
That sang an evil music while it spoke…

Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Mordred, A Fragment”

Ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with my most recent short story collection, but it’s the quote for Chapter 22 of Shadow of Stone, and it’s been sitting there in WordPerfect (yes, I know I’m a dinosaur) for days, mocking me, reminding me that I haven’t been doing any editing while I’ve been working on getting the latest collection up. But it’s also one of my favorite quotes among those I’ve used for my Arthurian novels. Especially this: “Time and the dark had come, but not alone.” I love that. It dances through my head at the most inappropriate times.

But anyway, back to what I should be writing about, my most recent ebook story collection, If Tears Were Wishes and Other Short Stories. It’s now available for Kindle at the unbeatable price of 99 cents! But wait! It can be beaten! February 16-17 it will be FREE, so don’t get it now, wait until Thursday and download it then. And please pass the word along. 🙂

I have another promotion coming up next week, my collection Dragon Time and Other Stories, which will be free from Feb. 22-23. That collection has been available for a while, but I recently unpublished it on Smashwords and enrolled it in KDP Select to take advantage of the promotional opportunities.

I spent most of my “writing time” today notifying various sites of the freebies, and in the days before that, formatting and getting If Tears Were Wishes up for Kindle. Which is why Edwin Arlington Robinson has been staring at me for so long, reminding me of how much I like that quote.

Given how busy I was the last few days, I also forgot to blog about a new interview with me on J. R. Tomlin’s blog. I did tweet about it, but it slipped my mind when I wrote my last blog post. I’d intended to include it mid-week, but that never got written.

Wish me luck on getting back to the editing! It’s an awful temptation to keep putting ebooks up, since the gratification comes so quickly. But eventually I will run out of previously published material and will have to get back to spending more time on new stuff. 🙂

11 thoughts on “If Tears Were Wishes and Other Short Stories Now Available for Kindle”

  1. The cover of ‘Mars: A Traveler’s Guide’ caught my eye as I was about to leave … I’ve always been fascinated by our neighbour from the time I plowed through Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy …
    … From the beginning I thought your story was about someone who’d come to mars to find a loved one who’d died and it had been covered up … the ending surprised me. Well done.

      1. And deservedly so — I’ve just read it recently, and in literary terms, it “kicks ass!”


        And good luck on the editing! But as someone who'd working their way through your work, I have no problem with you taking the time to make more of it available. 😉

      2. Thanks! But at the banquet they sat me at the back of the room — knew right away I had no chance of winning. So it goes.

  2. It must be exciting to re-publish and to dive onto the Amazon/e-reader space-cruise to the stars. Whether with older or new work. You’ve been understandably busy, but you need to earn from all the hard work you’ve already done, AS WELL as working on more. Good luck with your editing. And with those promos too. I’ll look out for them and share wherever. If you tweet them (are we following each other? @shahw1 ) I’ll retweet. And I have a page: WordsinSync – Shah Wharton on face book – feel free to display them there too 🙂 X

    1. I’m pretty sure I followed you, Shah. I’ll check again. And I’ll try to remember to check out your page to post about the freebies. 🙂

  3. Wow, you have been a busy lady. I downloaded If Tears Were Wishes, so excited to read it. I’m still formatting my eBook for Smashwords, one problem after another, so I get the amount of work you’ve been doing with unpublishing and publishing. I am sending my best wishes for short story success!! (and thanks for your comment on Depression Cookies – I agree, too much editing does not make for a writing girl!)

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