Moving forward on editing and another free promotion

Despite the fact that I managed to catch an eye infection from my son or my granddaughter, I’ve been making consistent progress on the editing of Shadow of Stone. I just try to close my right eye regularly to rest it. But it has definitely slowed me down, and it doesn’t help that I spent a couple of hours in doctors’ offices yesterday.

I also got samples off to several editors I’m considering hiring. That’s going to eat up all the profits I’ve made on my ebooks until now, but I’m investing in the future here. As opposed to all my other works that were previously published somewhere or another, even if it was in a foreign language, Shadow of Stone has not yet been through an editor. And while I’ve often been told I deliver very clean copy, I still want to do everything in my power to make sure that a book with my name on it has as few mistakes as possible.

I’ve also got another FREEBIE going on this week! Today and tomorrow my collection Dragon Time and Other Stories is free, so go grab yourself a copy while you can! I’ve also reduced the price on Yseult to 3.99. At 4.95, sales had stalled out, only averaging about one a day. Here’s hoping at the lower price sales will pick up again a bit.

Right now I mostly just want to go lie down and give my poor red eye a break, but I have to announce the free promotion all over the place. And yes, that is one of the big disadvantages of the ebook revolution. I know the idea of having to do all my own “advertizing” was scaring me off from taking this step for a long time. I suspect there are quite a few other writers out there who feel much like I do. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Moving forward on editing and another free promotion”

  1. Hi Ruth! Just wanted to pop in and give you serious kudos for investing in editing. We’d love to hear how the editing experience turns out for you — maybe a review/guest post on our site, if you’re interested? Hope your eye feels better, too. Infections are no fun!

  2. I hate to sound like a cheapskate, but: “Whoo-hoo! More free stuff!”

    Seriously — I’ve really enjoyed all of your work I’ve read so far, and have absolutely no problem supporting it by actually paying for it. But if you force me to take it for free, who am I to insult you by snubbing your generosity? ;^)

    I’m also sending you good thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery from the eye infection! Those really suck, especially for a writer!

    (and as a developing writer myself, I second Toni’s suggestion: It would be interesting to see how your experiences with a professional editing service work out.)

    1. Well, I guess that’s the point of giving things away free — gaining new readers. You might just end up being a case in point for me. 🙂

      I’m running around with an eye patch now, just call me pirate writer …

  3. Am really looking forward to reading your work, Ruth. It might be a while as it’s one of those times when many things beckons but know you’re on my list. Appreciate the free download.

    1. Bacterial eye infections are actually very contagious. It’s much better today, though. I’m looking forward to making more progress on the editing.

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