Becoming a writer again — switching from editing to writing

The last few weeks, months even, have mostly been spent either revising Shadow of Stone, or tweaking old short stories, formatting, and putting together collections. But for Shadow of Stone at least, an end is in sight. I wrote five freelance copy editors / proofreaders and have heard back from three. I should be able to make a decision on who to hire by the end of the week. Right now I’m going through the manuscript one last time in order to make a glossary, but of course I can’t resist tweaking as I go. 🙂

Once the book is off, though, I will have the time I was spending rewriting for writing again, which I am very much looking forward to. I plan to resist the temptation to put together another collection for at least a month so that I can get some languishing short stories finished. I also need to get back to my novel Fragments of Legend and finally finish that. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten how to actually make new words rather than shoving words around that are already there.

Reminder: my award-nominated novella “Looking Through Lace” is FREE today! Believe me, you’re doing me a favor if you grab yourself a copy, so please be my guest!

6 thoughts on “Becoming a writer again — switching from editing to writing”

  1. Congrats on finding your end! I love editing (and I better, since it is part of my job!), but always enjoy getting back to the creation when it’s all said and done.
    I downloaded Looking Through Lace and I’m excited to read it. Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations Ruth!! Doesn’t it feel great to be past the rewriting stage? To have new projects clamoring for your attention?

    I’ve been glad to see that Yseult has rocketed up through the ranks on Amazon. I hope that this round of ROW has helped you find a good balance between old material & new. 😀

    1. It’s still mostly old material, Tracy, but with the ebook success, I’m definitely feeling better about writing again!

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I remain quite impressed at the amount of writing you do. Have always admired short stories and you seem to be so comfortable with that format. As ROW80 winds down and my writing workshop ends, I plan on reading some of your work that I’ve downloaded. I am so looking forward to it!


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