Shooting for the “magic 1000” in ebooks

This has been a pretty successful last couple of months. Starting with my novel Yseult at the beginning of January, I’ve gotten five new ebooks up on Amazon and have editied one more novel, Shadow of Stone, another Arthurian historical fantasy. I’ve booked editing services, and am scheduled to get the novel back on April 27. I’ve also contacted the cover artist who did the cover for Yseult, and it looks like he’ll be able to start working on a cover for the second book in the next couple of weeks. It’s all coming together, and working pretty well, too. Since I started out on this “experiment,” my earnings on ebooks have actually managed to make it into four figures. (That’s total, mind you!)

The other day on the Kindle Boards, I read a thread about getting to 1000 sales, after which everything gets easier. 🙂 That’s not even entirely tongue-in-cheek: supposedly after this point, internal Amazon promotion kicks in more, and the writer doesn’t have to do quite as marketing herself. So I pulled out the spreadsheets for January and February and added in my running counts for this month, and low and behold — I’m over two-thirds of the way there! Since January, I’ve sold 670 ebooks, (that’s paid-sold, not free-sold *g*) and had 131 borrows. So if I keep on plugging and luck does not desert me, I just might make 1000 by my birthday in May. That would be a nice birthday present!

In the spirit of keeping the engine running, I have another freebie scheduled for Friday, March 23, my new science fiction short story collection, The Future, Imperfect. Then next week, Yseult will be free again for two days, March 26-27. At the end of the month, Yseult is going off KDP Select. I will be putting it up on Smashwords so that it will be available at B&N and iTunes and the rest as well.

Whatever comes of all this, it’s a fun ride. I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves in their endeavors too!

10 thoughts on “Shooting for the “magic 1000” in ebooks”

  1. Hey Ruth, con grates on the sales – must be god to see your hard work paying off! I do interviews/book reviews/participate in book tours for various fiction genres/authors. If I can help to promote anything on my other blog ( let me know (shahwharton at gmail dot com).

    Good luck with it all, enjoy your break, catch you next round 🙂

    1. What break? Are people taking a break?? *g*

      Thanks for the offer of some blog attention! I’ll be emailing you. 🙂

  2. Way to go, Ruth, but I am not surprised at all. You make the marketing seem so easy, and I assure you I am taking good notes and have bookmarked more than one of your blogs. As I have said so many times, I am so impressed with the amount of work you do and the quality of your writing. As always, you’re an inspiration.


    1. Aw, Karen, that’s so sweet of you! 🙂 I’m glad my blog posts are helpful, makes it a lot less difficult to take the time to write them. *g*

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