Another round of goals: publication date, draft completion and more

After all the editing and marketing and ebook publishing I’ve been doing so far this year, I really need to get my writer hat firmly back on and concentrate on writing again. My main goal will be to write at least 2500 new words a week. If I can stick with that, I should have close to a complete first draft of Fragments of Legend by the end of June. Of course, I don’t know exactly how many words total it will end up being, but I already have over 70,000 words in draft and notes. This won’t be the same kind of epic monster as Yseult and Shadow of Stone, at least I don’t think it will, *g* so another 30,000 words should put me in close to finished territory.

I do, of course, also have a few more epublishing goals. Shadow of Stone has an editing slot from April 16 – 27, after which I will need to review the changes and do the ebook formatting. I will also be consulting with the cover artist, and have to take that into consideration. I’m shooting for publication in May, which I think is still realistic, even if I maintain the weekly word count.

If time allows, I would also like to get another short story collection out, but only if life and my other goals make it feasible. I don’t want to be concentrating as much on the epublishing as I was in the first couple of months of this year. New material is important, even when you have a fairly respectable inventory of previously published material to fall back on.

In the spirit of new material, I would also like to revise and polish at least two short stories and get them out on the market.

I’ve been invited to do a guest lecture at the University of Stuttgart, so that will also have to be written. Although it will be non-fiction, and in German, perhaps I will allow myself to count that towards my weekly writing goals so as not to get too stressed out about it. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Another round of goals: publication date, draft completion and more”

  1. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being that “epic monster” you fear. That’s pretty awesome that you got invited to do a guest lecture. Snazzy! Best of luck with your goals this round 🙂

  2. For what it’s worth, Ruth, I count my nonfiction in my writing or did last round. I am not this round as I need to concentrate solely on my current manuscript; as soon as I have reestablished myself within my manuscript, back I will go to nonfiction.

    Your lecture sounds like a wonderful opportunity, Ruth! Hope you will share the topic, but not in German, as it has been too long for me to read in German. As always, I am awed at your accomplishments.


    1. Thanks, Karen! Glad you’re still stopping by, even if you’re taking a break from ROW80. I will definitely write more about the guest lecture, probably both in German and English, since I also (nominally) have a German-language blog for the fans of the translation of Yseult, Flamme und Harfe. It will probably largely have to do with some of the Middle High German sources for Yseult, as well as the kinds of research fantasy authors tend to do for their work.

      1. Actually, I am participating in ROW80 but I certainly implied that I am not with that vague sentence. I meant to say that I counted nonfiction in my words last round but am not counting nonfiction this round, as I need to concentrate on my fiction.

        I follow your blog, Ruth, because I am truly interested in your work and your thoughts.


  3. This sounds like a perfect goal, especially since you’d like to focus on new writing. You’ve already accomplished so much this year that getting back to new projects is sure to be exciting. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Have to admit, though, it’s proving a bit difficult to get back into the world of Fragments of Legend after I’ve been away so long. But I’ve done this kind of thing before! 🙂

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