Another successful giveaway: “Dragon Time” now #2 in historical fantasy!

Not only is Dragon Time and Other Stories #2 in historical fantasy, it is also #9 in fantasy overall in the Free Kindle Store, which I’m even happier about:

Dragon Time #9

The success of Dragon Time, however, is food for thought in the marketing department. When If Tears Were Wishes went free, I referred to my post “Promoting Ebooks with KDP Select” and did pretty much everything I recommend there. When Dragon Time went free yesterday, I announced it in a couple of places, but then we took advantage of the amazing weather, went out and bought tomato plants, and planted them in our garden. After all the garden work, naturally a visit to the beer garden was in order. So I did very little promotion compared to If Tears Were Wishes.

And when I checked today, I had already given away over ten times as many copies of Dragon Time as I did of Wishes in two whole days.

I think there are several things things responsible for this. For one, Wishes only has two reviews, one three-star and one four-star, making its average under four stars. Dragon Time only has three reviews, but one of those is a five star review.

But I suspect that the big difference is that Dragon Time was featured in Ereader News Today. Every time one of my ebook promos really took off (by that I mean thousands of giveaways), the book was featured either in Ereader News Today or Pixel of Ink, apparently the two main sources for people looking for free ereads.

What does that mean for my marketing efforts? I fear it means I have to rely more on luck — whether I get mentioned by any of the big ebook recommendation sites. So sending announcements ahead of time seems to be the most important aspect of freebie promotion. I will of course still announce the books while they’re free, but I’ll scale back how much time I spend on it. The other thing I’m going to do (when I have time) is unpublish the Wishes collection and make new collections with those stories. They were originally published in much better paying markets than the stories in Dragon Time and got much better press, so it’s quite an interesting phenomenon. They deserve another chance. 🙂

I you don’t have Dragon Time yet, please get yourself a copy! And pass the word along. Maybe it can still nab a #1 slot. *g*

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