Shooting for May 25th publication date for Shadow of Stone!

I’m happy to say I can now announce a publication date for Shadow of Stone. I’ve gone through the edits I got back from the copy editor, and I have a nearly final version of the cover:


While going through the edits, I noticed a couple of typos the copy editor didn’t catch, so I’m also going to try and do one more read-through. Then I will need to do the formatting and send it out to the readers who volunteered to write reviews.

I also need to work on the blurb and product description. This is what I’ve come up with until now:

There was once a woman, fair as the moon, who lived most of her life beyond the realm of legend. As she stood beside the grave of her lover, the legend that ended with his death was far from her mind. Her soul felt as dark as the shadow cast by Drystan’s standing stone, dark and barren. Love was over, but life was not; she would have to find a way to go on, for the sake of their son.
This is the story of how Yseult outlived the legend that had been her life.


For over ten years, there had been peace in Britain under the rule of Arthur, Dux Bellorum. Now, after a series of hard winters and famine, an alliance of dissatisfied northern kings and Pictish tribes begin to attack the rich cities of Dumnonia. Cador, king of Dortrig, must go to war again, while Yseult does everything she can to defend her son Kustennin’s heritage. But in the years of peace, Arthur’s army has grown soft, Myrddin is on the brink of abandoning the Dux Bellorum, and jealousies personal and political rip once strong alliances apart. Who will survive the upheavals to come? Will Britain rally once again behind a common leader to fight off the common threat?

What do you guys think? Does that make you curious to read more or just bore you to death? Any and all comments welcome!

As a promo for Shadow of Stone, I’ve reduced the price of Yseult to 99 cents for the remainder of the month. Please pass the word along!

Now that I’m through the edits, I’ve also gotten back to Chameleon in a Mirror. It’s nice to be writing again! I’m not up to the speed I want to be yet, but I did get another 1400 words written on the Aphra Behn novel so far this week.

Hope everyone’s writing is going well!


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