Great promotional opportunity: Ebooks for a Buck

I have the great good fortune that Yseult is presently being featured on Michael Gallagher’s book blog Kindle Books for a Buck (or less). Since he put up the link, I’ve sold 12 copies of the book. And that after sales ground to a halt earlier this month, I have no idea why. After a week of no sales, I lowered the price to 99 cents and started looking for promotional opportunities specific to that price point.

The most effective until now has been Michael Gallagher’s site. He features indie authors with books that fulfill certain criteria (in addition to the fact that they are a buck or less). You can check his requirements here.

So thanks to Michael for giving Yseult a much-needed boost!

3 thoughts on “Great promotional opportunity: Ebooks for a Buck”

    1. Excellent, Michael! I will add your link to my blog post about promoting a freebie (which tends to get at least a dozen hits a day *g*).

      Thanks again!

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