Shadow of Stone is now live on Amazon!

After months and years of hard work and sweat and tears and all that stuff, Shadow of Stone is now available on Amazon!

It is the second book in the Pendragon Chronicles after Yseult: A Tale of Love in the Age of King Arthur. But never fear, both books are standalone novels. Depending on how Yseult and Shadow of Stone do sales-wise, I may write another book in the series, probably the story of Yseult’s son Kustennin. But for now, I want to get back to Chameleon in a Mirror and finish that.

Here’s the blurb for Shadow of Stone:

For over ten years, there has been peace in Britain after Arthur and his warriors soundly defeated the Saxons at the battle of Caer Baddon. But sometimes peace is deceptive …

After a series of hard winters and famine, an alliance of dissatisfied northern kings attack the rich cities of Southern Britain. But in the years of peace, Arthur’s army has grown soft; jealousies and trivialities rip once strong alliances apart. Cador, who is mockingly referred to as “farmer king,” must go to war again. The threat to their way of life throws him together with Yseult, the woman he has secretly loved since he was a youth.

But can their politically expedient marriage help bring peace to Britain again? Or will it only lead to further conflict?

As betrayals both real and imagined shake the foundations of former British unity, Cador and Yseult must try to negotiate their own personal peace. Who will survive the upheavals to come? Will Britain rally once more behind a common leader to fight off the common threat?

What do you guys think? Anything I can make better?

So anyway, the last few days have been spent polishing and formatting and converting, so I don’t have any writing progress to report. Then after I got the book uploaded, I had a beer and wandered around sighing happily. No sales yet, but here’s hoping that one of these days someone who read and enjoyed the first book will grab a copy of the second.

And now I’m off to do a bit more promoting before I return to Aphra Behn and Restoration England. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Shadow of Stone is now live on Amazon!”

  1. Have Yseult–it’s on my list to read–look forward to Shadow of Stone as well. Blurb is perfect, I think-precise, concise, provides intrigue–to me, those are the elements of an excellent blurb. Best of luck with this one. Glad you enjoyed that beer.


  2. Congratulations! Lovely cover. I honestly have no criticisms of the blub. I haven’t read historical romance / or Arthurian fantasy in a long time, so I don’t know how it stands in comparison to others in the genre these days. (I.e. point out a cliche in phrasing or anything like that.)

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