Writing progress and upcoming freebies

Just a short update today. This past week, I’ve been caught up in the business end of going indie, and the writing progress, while perhaps looking good in numbers, is less than I would have wanted. I am now at 51,000 words for Chameleon in a Mirror, but the 11,000 words added in the last week were edited rather than typed in from scratch, as I have been doing until now with this new version of the novel. But after rereading this section in the old version, it seemed to me that it needed less work than earlier chapters, so I decided to largely go with what I already had.

Business progress: after creating the new cover for The Future, Imperfect, (partly alone and partly with my daughter) I decided to schedule a freebie to test it and see if it gets better downloads now than with the old cover. So if you don’t have it yet, make a note that my collection of dystopian stories will be free July 10-11. If you download it and enjoy the stories, please consider leaving a review! I think it’s safe to say that reviews are more important for indie publications than for traditional publications. Reviews are the new gatekeepers. I got a great review of the collection on a blog, but it’s still reviewless on Amazon. Besides the lit-fic looking cover, I think that’s the other main reason the sales are so far behind my other ebooks.

In order to keep the link in the alsobots with the other science fiction title I have available as ebook, I will also be giving away Looking Through Lace on July 10. Please pass the word along!

Speaking of Looking Through Lace, I have contacted a cover artist for the second novella in the series, Beyond the Waters of the World. Next week, I will probably be putting Chameleon in a Mirror on hold for a while to whip Waters into shape. Once I’ve determined how much time I’ll still need, I will announce a publication date.

I wish everyone a great week!

4 thoughts on “Writing progress and upcoming freebies”

  1. I’ll be sure to leave a review at Amazon once I finish the collection! I’m kind of slow with short story collections, but I hope to have it done by next weekend.

    I think reviews are key to indie publications (in that non-reviewed works are always viewed with suspicion). Perhaps because I’ve become savvy to the highly-rated stuff which I can’t stand, I’m the kind of reader who uses one-star and two-star reviews to judge a work. If a person is spewing vitriol about things that I think are neat, I’m much more likely to pick up the book (see: Shadow and Bone).

    1. No need to hurry, Tracy! I hope it didn’t sound like I was begging for reviews! I just hate running after reviewers, and I wanted to point out much more important they are now than they ever have been.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I’ll be sure to leave you a proper review on Amazon. When I snagged my copy I never intended to write about it on my blog. I receive many books to review and sometimes I just want to read a book without the underlying thought of a review later, but I enjoyed The Future, Imperfect so much I felt compelled to let my friends know. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the new cover!

    1. You’re welcome, Amanda, and thank you for the excellent review! It’s always nice to hear when someone enjoyed your work. 🙂

      I do have a couple more previously published dystopian stories but not in the same world as Future Imperfect. I was thinking of putting them into a smaller collection. I will be sure to announce it here when I do.

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