Of revisions, translations, gardening, and this elusive summer

Oh, dear, I’ve been horribly lax about my blog lately. But that has a couple of reasons:

1) Big translation project

2) The weather has finally turned better here in Central Europe

At the moment, #2 is probably the most important. We have a “garden” about a 25 minute walk away from our apartment, a plot of land in the vineyards between Bad Cannstatt, Fellbach, and Untertürkheim with seventeen apple trees, as well as pear, cherry, quince and plums. (A recent storm did a lot of damage, but that’s a subject for another post, and besides, I don’t have the pictures up on Flickr yet.) It’s our little piece of paradise in the middle of the city.

The Garden

It’s also a lot of work. But with the recent ongoing rain, we haven’t had a chance to do any normal maintenance. So the other day we were finally out again, admiring all the weeds that sprouted up while it was raining for weeks on end. And the roses are getting spots and the tomatoes are developing blight. It’s enough to make a gal throw up her hands in defeat and get back to writing.

Well, I did a little of both, gardening and writing. The last couple of days in the garden, I’ve had my eeePC with me, and I’m now once through Beyond the Waters of the World, the next novella in the world of Looking Through Lace. Not completely done: I’m still missing two scenes I noted during the rewrite that I want to add in. I’d intended to be done by this past weekend, but revisions were a lot more substantial than I thought they’d be. (Duh.)

And then there was translating and Summer! Finally! (When summer is so rare, I think it’s a perfectly good excuse to temporarily fall behind in writing goals. We all need our vitamin D, after all.)

19 thoughts on “Of revisions, translations, gardening, and this elusive summer”

  1. Ruth, my husband and I live in the woods in Minnesota and for a few years we kept a vegetable garden. Unfortunately, we had too many years of blight, so we gave it up. It really wasn’t worth the effort. I would daresay, though, that your gardening problems this summer are just an anomaly and that next year will be much better. I hope so, anyway! Love the photo and the post. 🙂

      1. Oh, yes! Years ago in Eningen, I brought up about hundred tomato seedlings (some rather rare varieties, yellow cherry tomatoes, e.g.). But the summer had been extremely rainy, and my parents didn’t get any fruits in that year – the blight had been quicker. My father tinkered a protective roof for the plants the next year …
        Another promoting factor may be potatoes in the neighbourhood. They seem to be a bit more resistant, and act as a vector.
        Enjoy the summer’s intermezzo, as it seems that it will end soon!

  2. Lovely picture there – can’t wait to see more!

    Summer was finally coming to Seattle… but then it decided to go away again. >.< I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the cooler weather… but I'm so very pale. A little bit of sunlight would be awesome…

    Good luck with your big transition project and your gardening!

    1. That’s a wonderful attitude, Shah, thank you! I think I’ll take your advice. Who knows how long we’ll have sunshine, after all. And ebooks will always be there to be made. 🙂

  3. Vitamin D is an absolute essential. And to be honest, I’m glad someone else hasn’t had as much time to write recently. Actually, your reasons are WAY better than mine. Keep up the good work, both in the garden and on the page!

  4. It is summer for you and between vitamin D and your garden, a pause in writing is in order. In fact, it seems like “the pause: was written into your goals. Not all ink is visible, you know.

    Enjoy your week so matter how long it is. .


  5. Glad you’ve gotten to enjoy the sun! Your garden sounds soooo lovely! When I lived in Los Angeles, we had a community garden plot next door to my apartment (so many kudos for you walking 25 minutes to yours!!), and though I didn’t know how to grow anything at the time, I loved to walk through there and just think. Have a good rest of the week 😀

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