SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY! Now until August 10th

UPDATE: Elle decided to end the giveaway early, and it is no longer possible to enter to win. I will soon be notifying all the winners of my own books. Thanks to everyone who participated!

I am currently participating with five of my books in a big Summer Book Giveaway on Elle Casey’s site. Enter to win a copy of Yseult, Shadow of Stone, Looking Through Lace, Dragon Time, or Never Ever After — as well as dozens of other great books by indie writers, including Dave Farland, Patty Jansen, and Dalya Moon. Check it out!

In other news, I’m back to working on Chameleon in a Mirror again, and have managed to get about 2,000 words written so far this week. In just a bit, I will be packing up my little netbook and taking it out to the garden to do some work there, since we have another day of summer today.

Wishing everyone a great rest of the week!


8 thoughts on “SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY! Now until August 10th”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway, Ruth. Are all your novels science fiction?

    Chameleon in a Mirror is an interesting title… All the best as you pick it up and continue working.

  2. Another day of summer, and writing in the garden… I like that … we had a run of four in a row, then it rained again … gotta love the new weather world order!

  3. The giveaway sounds lovely!! All the best getting back to work on Chameleon. Have a good rest of the week 😀

  4. Am anxiously awaiting Chameleon as I just have this feeling about that book…. Hope you had a wonderful time writing in the garden; it sounds delightful.


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