Working on Chameleon and Covers

On the weekend, we took a short trip to the Mosel, which is why there hasn’t been an update from me for a while. I’m hoping to get some pics up soon so that I can give an illustrated report.

On the writing side, I’ve been making great progress on Chameleon in a Mirror, over 5000 words last week, and 3000 so far this week. Things are slowing down a bit now, though, because I’ve reached a section where I need to write completely new material — which I have not sufficiently brainstormed or researched yet. 😐 Tomorrow I have the granddaughters, so probably won’t get much done then either. They are off on vacation on Monday, though, so I need to get some Grandma time in before they’re gone for two weeks.

On the writing business side, today my daughter and I did some work on new covers this evening. Nothing I want to show yet, but I will eventually be posting some designs here on my blog. These are mostly for a series of magic realist short stories set in the fictional town of Rolynka, Alaska. My mother was from Alaska, and I grew up hearing all kinds of whacky tales of gold miners and honey-buckets and tundra and permafrost, and a lot of those second-hand memories fed into these stories. That and my love of the old show “Northern Exposure.” The first story is entitled “In the Middle of Nowhere with Company,” but that’s a bit long for a series title, so I was thinking of give the series the name “Tales from Far Beyond North.” How does that sound?

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “Working on Chameleon and Covers”

  1. Wonderful! Another series! I loved ‘Future Imperfect’. I think its a brillian concept to structure discrete stories all set in the same universe.

    … When I read the title, my brain added a ‘the’ … Tales From Far Beyond THE North … don’t know why, but to quote Nanny McPhee … there you have it.

    1. Glad you liked Future Imperfect! I’m trying a new marketing strategy with the Alaska stories, many of which were also previously published — it will be interesting to see how that works out.

  2. Glad you had a good trip and lots of cheers for the writing!! Wonderful progress! Enjoy your Grandma time 🙂 Looking forward to your new covers and hearing more about the Alaska stories. I used to loooove Northern Exposure when I was a kid, but I hardly remember it…guess it’s time for a re-watch!!

    1. Definitely time for a re-watch! NE is supposedly the series that instigated the genre of the comedy-drama, and it’s full of amazing meta-fictional and -cultural references as well. Brilliant! Given all the different levels on which its enjoyable, it’s my ideal for how to create ideally accessible fiction. 🙂

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