New Pendragon Chronicles page and another free book!

This evening, I finally got something off my to-do list and created a dedicated page for my Arthurian novels, The Pendragon Chronicles. I would be very grateful to anyone who would be inclined to check it out and let me know what you think!

If it’s at all effective, I guess that means I will have to make a page for the Looking Through Lace series (once I have more books out) and Tales From Far Beyond North (or whatever I end up calling the stories). Well, supposedly it will get easier if I do it more often …

Also a reminder that my fantasy short story collection, Never Ever After, is free today and tomorrow, August 20-21. If you don’t have a copy yet, please be my guest!

15 thoughts on “New Pendragon Chronicles page and another free book!”

  1. Ruth, my daughter daughter is a great fan of your work. She loved the new page, and so did I.
    I think it’s a great idea and looks beautiful. I plan to do the same after releasing my novel.

    (She’s reading Never Ever After right now!)

  2. Nice page, Ruth. What a great idea to create a page for a specific series. Is that page linked to your page here?

    I cannot wait to read Yseult! Sci-Fi/Fantasy is not a genre I generally read, but I entered your drawing ( when I found it housed a romance!) and was fortunate enough to have won! I have also passed along your name/title to a friend, who loves Fantasy novels.

    1. I haven’t yet linked the new page to this one — only made it this evening! But thank you for reminding me.

      There isn’t as much magic in Yseult as in typical fantasy — but there is a lot of war, which many romance readers don’t particularly care for (not to mention that it ends tragically!). You got it free, though, so if you don’t like it, you can just stop reading. 🙂 And thanks for passing the word along!

      1. Yes…not too many romance readers like a ‘good-war’…But I certainly do! (I’m not what you might call the ‘typical’ romance reader, if there is such a thing.) I enjoy action/battle scenes – and find it contrasts, and perhaps enhances any romance going in around it.

  3. I think a new page is a great idea and it looks fantastic! One thing that would be helpful is the status of the series – whether it’s over or not, or if you have any other plans concerning the series.

  4. The page layout works … all the information is there … but something, that I can’t quite put my finger on, is missing … maybe it’s the single wide column … maybe it’s that apart from the cover art and the imagery behind the white page, there’s nothing really to catch the eye … perhaps it’s the white page itself? … If you took the cover art out, what else would sell the stories?

  5. That new site is very easy to navigate! I thought something was wrong with my computer, at first, because the background of the site’s first page is the cover of SHADOW OF STONE, but because the letters are cut off, I didn’t understand what the squiggles meant. Perhaps that big slab of white space could be just part of the cover? Also, most online readers struggle with very long paragraphs. All those words tend to run together. But I love the concept and feel that ultimately those comments page will be very reader friendly. Right now the info flow seems a little one way. Thank YOU for posting that free book on amazon (though I personally missed it!), but I can’t wait to read your stuff.

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