A short update & this week’s freebies

I continue to be spending an above-average amount of time cooking (canning and freezing, that is), so the word count is down from normal. In the last week, I managed to get another 4,000 words on Chameleon in a Mirror written. Besides that, I did some more work with my daughter on covers, responding to suggestions on Beyond the Waters of the World and In the Middle of Nowhere with Company. Pickled some jalapenos and made more barbecue sauce, tomato consomme and stewed tomatoes. So despite the fact that fewer words were made, it still feels like it was a productive week.

I also scheduled some more freebies to use up my promotion days on a couple of my books. Tomorrow, August 28, Yseult and Never, Ever After will be free for one day. (I’ll be taking NEA out of KDP Select after that. I finally need to start marketing elsewhere!) Shadow of Stone will be free for two days, August 29-30. Please be my guest if you are interested in reading any of those books, and pass the word along if you feel so inclined!


4 thoughts on “A short update & this week’s freebies”

  1. May all your canning soon be done. We need you writing — though 4,000 words last week is more than impressive! I’ve linked this post to my FB and can’t wait to read your books. Best, Beth

    1. Yes, Sally, it’s on my to-do list, I promise! I’m slowly taking some of my books out of KDP Select, and the next step is to sign up for Kobo, Pubit, etc. I had serveral books up on Smashwords for a while, but I’ve gotten very frustrated with their incredibly slow publishing process. One of my free short stories, “Mars: A Traveler’s Guide,” is still available on Smashwords, though, if you’re interested!

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