Hitting the Jackpot with Yseult and Shadow of Stone (The Pendragon Chronicles)

This past week, I had two freebies running for my Arthurian novels Yseult and Shadow of Stone. For both, I followed the schedule I set up several months ago in my post “Promoting Ebooks with KDP Select”. Yseult had a respectable run, garnering over 2,000 downloads in one day.

The day after, the two day freebie run for Shadow of Stone started, book two in The Pendragon Chronicles. And then sales started taking off — for Yseult. Not only did Pixel of Ink pick up Shadow of Stone for its freebie run, they also linked to Yseult in their description of the book. The result was like having the best free advertising slot possible. Within a day, Yseult garnered over 100 sales, the first time I’ve ever sold that many books in one day! The day after it sold another 40 copies. It almost broke the top 1,000 in the Paid Kindle store, (it might have broken it, but if it did, it was while I was sleeping. *g*) and it made it up to #8 in historical fantasy in the Paid Kindle store. During its freebie run, Shadow of Stone was downloaded over 7,000 times and climbed to #38 overall in the Free Kindle store. As I write this, both books are now in the top 10,000 (paid), the top 100 in Historical Fantasy, and #1 and #2 in Arthurian Fantasy. What is probably even more important for sales in the coming days, Yseult is on the second page in popularity rankings in Historical Fantasy, and Shadow of Stone is on the third.

While sales have slowed down quite a bit from my own personal record-breaking run while Shadow of Stone was free, yesterday I broke another personal record and had over 30 borrows in one day. I don’t make as much on borrows for the 3.99 titles as I do for sales (although for the titles under 2.99 I actually make more). But in recent months, the average Amazon paid for borrows has been around $2.00, so that is definitely income too.

It was a very good week for sales. Not so good for the writing. Besides marketing and promotion, I was also getting Beyond the Waters of the World ready for publication — one more read-through, formatting, writing the blurb, that kind of thing. I’ll be looking for some feedback on the blurb, but that’s the subject for another post. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hitting the Jackpot with Yseult and Shadow of Stone (The Pendragon Chronicles)”

  1. Well done, Ruth! I so appreciate your sharing your publishing experiences with us for you provide so much good information. I am absolutely delighted that you have had such a great week in sales. Again, congratulations!


    1. Ooops, this landed in my spam directory for some reason, Shah, thus my lateness in replying. 🙂 Thanks for the sunshine! When I have some time, I’ll try to pass it around. *g*

  2. Congrats on a kick-a** sales week…not to mention getting your titles out there with the freebies! That’s awesome! Best part…it didn’t cost you an organ…right? LOL. Here’s to another great week, Ruth. I’m excited for you.

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