Announcing “Beyond the Waters of the World” (“Looking Through Lace” Book 2)

As I mentioned in my last post, I finally finished and published Beyond the Waters of the World, Book 2 of Looking Through Lace:

Beyond the Waters of the World on Amazon

Coming up with the description was a bit difficult, because I don’t want to provide any spoilers regarding the events of the first book. I would love some feedback on it, if anyone is so inclined:

The Allied Interstellar Community first contact team on the planet Kailazh is faced with even more challenges than most. But dealing with an alien culture is not only difficult for those who arrive on a foreign world. What of the inhabitants of the planet, who now have to deal with realities so strange to their way of thinking, it will have an impact on everything they believe?

Kislan is a factor in his family’s shipping company, a man who has seen many ships arrive at the docks of Edaru from many different cities, who deals with foreign goods from all over the known world. But the ship that arrives from the stars brings more than exotic innovations, it brings ideas that will change his life.

And it brings the beautiful ambassador from the stars, Toni Donato.

Beyond the Waters of the World is a science fiction novella of approximately 23,000 words, or about 60 pages. It is the second book in the Looking Through Lace series.

Even though the book is already published, it’s still causing me a fair amount of work. I’ve contacted potential reviewers, listed the book on Goodreads, started editing the back matter on my other books to include this one, and other marketing tasks. Nonetheless, I have managed to get back to Chameleon in a Mirror, and have gotten another 2,000 words done.

On the sales front, Yseult and Shadow of Stone are still doing quite well after the recent successful promotion. So far this month, the two books in The Pendragon Chronicles alone have sold 48 copies and had 60 borrows. That’s a very good run for me, seeing as we’re only five days into the month. 🙂

And before I forget, a reminder: The Future, Imperfect, a collection of dystopian short stories, is FREE today and tomorrow, Sept. 5-6. If you don’t already have it, be my guest and grab yourself a copy! And if you are so inclined, please pass the word along!

10 thoughts on “Announcing “Beyond the Waters of the World” (“Looking Through Lace” Book 2)”

  1. Hi, Ruth:

    Since you asked for feedback, for what it’s worth, here’s a quick polish I just did:


    The challenges confronting the Allied Interstellar Community first contact team assigned to the planet Kailazh far exceed the norm. Yet if dealing with an alien culture is inevitably problematic for explorers setting foot on an unfamiliar world, how much more so must it be for the inhabitants of the planet themselves, who must deal with bizarre realities that collide head-on with their core beliefs? 

    A factor in his Kailazhan family’s shipping company, Kislan is a man who has seen countless ships from myriad cities dock at his home port of Edaru and deals daily with foreign goods from around the known world. But the ship that descends from the stars brings with it more than just exotic innovations — it brings previously unimaginable ideas that will reshape his life. 

    And it brings the beautiful ambassador from the stars, Toni Donato. 

    Beyond the Waters of the World is a 23,000-word science fiction novella (approximately 60 pages), and is the second book in the Looking Through Lace series.


    Feel free to use it, revise it, or discard it. I hope your sales are terrific.

  2. It tells me what the book is about, and that’s the goal, right? So I think it’s fine. And it leaves you with that last sentence, making you want to know more about this ambassador and what effect she will have on Kislan.

  3. Congrats on getting Book 2 out there! I must admit I do feel a bit jealous when I see ROW80-ers making announcements like this, while I’m still plodding along at the planning and drafting stage. But I will get there! This series sounds quite interesting, I might have to check it out when I have whittled my current TBR list down a bit. I have grabbed myself a copy of The Future, Imperfect. I do love me some dystopia.

    1. I hope you enjoy the dystopian stories, Emily! (Although, enjoy …*g*)

      No need to feel jealous. I’ve been writing now for decades, and been publishing for a few less decades, and I have a huge backlog of previously published material. Ok, not, this novella, that was previously *rejected* material (I waited too long to write the second novella in the series, and Asimov’s didn’t want it anymore.)

      A lot of the stuff I’m bringing out now has been lying around on my hard drive for years. It went through the planning and drafting stage so long ago, I can hardly remember. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on getting your book out there! That’s fantastic news. Even better to hear that your books are selling, too!

    I also what James did here in the comments with the revision of the blurb. It’s definitely worth incorporating bits of it into your final copy.

    Have a great week!

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