Short story sale and new group promo site

A couple days ago, I sold another short story — in the traditional way. By submitting to an editor and having the story accepted. It’s one of my Alaska stories, “The Shadow Artist,” and it sold to Abyss and Apex, who also originally published “In the Middle of Nowhere with Company.” Short stories don’t make me a lot of money as ebooks; traditional sales are more lucrative. But since I have all these previously published stories anyway, I might as well give them a second life, and me a few dollars a month. Just as an example, last month I made about $50 total on the short story collections and novellas, as opposed to around $700 on the two novels. But who knows, as the novel sales increase, the sales of the short fiction just might too!

The other main news item I have is the next group promo, this time one for which I’m doing a lot of the organization. (As a result, actual word production has dropped dramatically again, go figure.) Anyway, see that nifty badge (thanks, Patty!) up in the right hand corner? If you click on that, you will get to the page that ate much of my spare time this last week.

As you can see, we will be offering a lot of free quality science fiction and fantasy, all from members of the Codex Writers Workshop for neo-pro speculative fiction writers. So put those dates on your calendar and grab yourself some free reading material! And if you are so inclined, please pass the word along. 🙂

Despite promotion and marketing projects, Chameleon in a Mirror has not stalled out completely. I’m up to a word count of 81,000 now, and heading into the home stretch. At my present rate, I should be done with this draft in a month. If I can pick up the pace a bit, sooner. (If I don’t start spending all my time trying to sell the books I’ve already published …)

If you’re interested in some of my thoughts on organizing group promos, check out this blog post.

5 thoughts on “Short story sale and new group promo site”

  1. That promo site is great! It particular, the quality of the blurbs is quite strong, always the mark of professionals. I also like the idea of writers getting together to promote; all around, really strong concept. Always happy to hear about progress on Chameleon; I am waiting for that one.

    Also wanted to tell you that more than one ROW 80 participant liked your term “puzzler” as an apt description of themselves as writers. Enthusiastically, I am right there with them.Thanks so much, Ruth.


    1. Thank you, Karen! Glad you think it looks good. And glad to hear you and others enjoyed the term “puzzler” — must go check to find the comments now. *g* (Probably topic for a blog post, eh?)

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