A little writing progress and lots of free Halloween fiction

As I predicted last week, I haven’t exactly gotten a lot of writing done while I’ve been visiting family. I have been doing some brainstorming for Ygerna, though — and I’m loving it. Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. When you’re playing with ideas, it’s like being on a journey of discovery, for me at least. Every time a new twist or (supposedly) perfect detail pops into my mind, I’m like all “ooh, cool, that will be so great!” Because at this wonderfully innocent state of the virgin fiction, everything is potential, the story isn’t hampered by the realities of my own limited capabilities. It’s still ideal and hasn’t stumbled into the inevitable shadows of Plato’s cave yet.

So anyway, the story is taking shape, and I’m having fun, both with relatives and whenever I can snatch a little time away from them to play with ideas and take notes.

I also managed to finish the interview for the blog hop, “The Next Big Thing.” For those who might be curious, I answered the questions for Chameleon in a Mirror, my Aphra Behn time travel.

Since I managed to nab a little time for blogging, I’d like to also point out that my Halloween short story, “Misty and the Magic Pumpkin Knife,” is still free today and tomorrow, along with two dozen other dark fantasy, horror, and Halloween-themed ebooks. If you’re interested, check out the group promo Halloween Free Horror!


5 thoughts on “A little writing progress and lots of free Halloween fiction”

  1. I’m curious, how did you get on the Halloween Free Horror? My stories are all spooky and just right for Halloween for all ages. I do have some that are also free now up to Halloween. Thanks!

    1. I participate on the Kindle Boards fairly regularly (except for times like this …), and that’s where I saw that someone was organizing a Halloween group promo and signed up. I highly recommend hanging out in the Writer’s Cafe of the Kindle Boards. Not only do you find out about cool things like group promos, you can also learn a lot. 🙂

  2. I agree with you on brainstorming. I think that’s one of my favorite writing moments (though not sure if #1, as “sudden awesome scene/moment not in outline” is pretty high too). Hope thing continue for you in a positive trend. 🙂

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