Mea Culpa (maybe): Freebie flub-up with The Future, Imperfect

I have a confession to make: I (maybe) screwed up. I thought I had a freebie for my dystopian short story collection, The Future, Imperfect, scheduled for today, but when I checked my sales numbers, the book had not been downloaded a single time. Went to Amazon, saw it wasn’t free. Went to KDP bookshelf, and sure enough, there was no promotion for Dec. 3-5 listed for the book. I am 99% sure that I entered the promotion for the book on my bookshelf several weeks back when I also entered the most recent promotions for Yseult and Shadow of Stone. What I am not so sure about is whether I checked to ensure that my promotion was there when I wrote all the sites listing freebies. I try to do that every time, in case there’s a screw up (I know it’s happened to other authors before), but maybe this time I didn’t.

So now I can only hope that no one lists my book as free when it isn’t, or I might have some angry webmasters coming after me with tar and feathers.

As soon as I noticed, I entered a new free run starting tomorrow and running three days, Dec. 4-6. At the same time, I would also like to publicly beg forgiveness. I wrote the webmasters who notified me that they’d be running my book, but not everyone does that. Thus the generic apology.

From now on, I will always check my promotions listings the day before a scheduled freebie, to make sure they are happening as planned. I suggest other authors do the same. As I mentioned, I know I’m not the only whose scheduled promotions have disappeared into the ether for some reason. Sigh.


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