A new round of goals for the new year

I have to admit, this year I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, not a one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals. I have plenty, and with a new Round of Words, it’s time to organize them a bit.

As usual, I’m not quite sure what I will be able to accomplish in the next 80 days, or even what will work for me going ahead, so my goals are sure to see some revising in the weeks to come. But one thing I have decided on, given my recent Fast Draft Fail — I’m returning to lower word count goals. And I am going to try to get my word count in first during my allocated writing time. Once I have my modest 500 words a day completed, then and only then will I allow myself to tackle my (horrendously) long list of business / publishing goals. (An alternate daily revision page count is still TBD.)

On to the specific goals and projects. Writing:

– Finish the novella version of “City of Glass” (Alternate history Venice / Murano with magic)

– Revise Chameleon in a Mirror and send it to my critique partner (in February!)

– Finish Ygerna

– If I suddenly transform into a writing machine and get all those projects finished, write another “Looking Through Lace” novella, rewrite my Rhodes novel, get back to Fragments of Legend and / or my alchemy novels, start brainstorming Kustennin’s story … (fat chance)

Writing business:

– Publish “The Leaving Sweater” (another story in Tales From Far Beyond North) and make it permafree

– Figure out a way to publish to the iTunes store (I don’t have a Mac that’s new enough to handle the software); upload my Mars story as a freebie; publish to Kindle and get them to price match so I’ll have a permafree story there

– Get Yseult up for Createspace so that those who want it will finally be able to buy hard copy (ditto Shadow of Stone)

– Edit web page and add links to my ebooks

– Make a book page for my blog

– Publish my “Story Hunger” collection

– Put together a collection (or two) of my stories co-written with Jay Lake

– Finish cover and publish my mini story collection “Oregon Elsewise”

Whew! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I think it’s clear I won’t be suffering from boredom any time soon. (I think I’ve said that before … I can’t remember the last time I was bored … )

Good luck to everyone on their goals in the new year!

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