A bedtime story, courtesy of my granddaughter

I had grandma duties yesterday, so much of what on other days of the week is usually my writing time was taken up with running after an energetic almost-three-year-old. (She will be three next week.) After I picked her up from daycare, she claimed she was tired and said we should take a nap together. I knew pretty well from the outset how that was going to go, but I didn’t mind the opportunity to lie down for a bit either. I’m a notorious night owl, and I’ve been staying up much too late recently.

So into bed we go, do everything the way Mira wants us to, getting sufficient stuffed animals, covering up, etc., and then she informs me, “And now we need a story.” (“Und jetzt brauchen wir eine Geschichte.”)

“Oh,” says Oma (that’s me, in German), “Are you going to tell me a bedtime story?” (Speaking in English — I try to speak as much English with her as possible.)

Ja.” So she settles in, sitting upright next to my head. “Es war einmal …”

Here the story she told me, from memory, translated into English, with a rough approximation of creative grammar.:

“Once upon a time there was a princess. The princess had a horse. She rided to the castle on her horse. It was the castle of the prince.”

Oma: “Was the prince asleep?”

Mira: “No, no, Oma, only the princess sleeps!” [Editorial intrusion: sigh.]

“The princess wanted to visit the prince. They were friends. But then the evil witch comes and turns him into a frog.”

Oma: “Did she kiss him and turn him back into a prince?”

Mira: “Let me tell the story, Oma!

“The princess didn’t want to kiss a frog. But then the evil witch came again and turned the princess into a frog. And then they ran away. When they got away from the witch, they kissed. And then she was a princess again.

“And then they went on vacation.”

And then they went on vacation (Image copyright by blessings, licensed through Shutterstock).
And then they went on vacation (Image copyright by blessings, licensed through Shutterstock).

* * *

My progress on City of Glass has slowed a bit. It has come to my attention that the longest story in my new collection From Earth to Mars has a few typos. It seems that by mistake I didn’t include the edited version that was published in Giganotosaurus; instead, I must have used an earlier version. I read through the collection before publishing, but somehow I didn’t notice the mistake.

Anyway, I am temporarily unpublishing the collection and going through everything one more time. It’s still available, but please don’t buy it until I republish! This is rather embarrassing, and I hope those who already bought the collection will forgive me. Once I have the new version ready, drop me an email, and I’ll send you a copy.

So that’s mostly what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. City of Glass is at just under 11,000 words now, and I’ll get back to it once I have From Earth to Mars uploaded again.

Also, in case you missed it during previous promos, Beyond the Waters of the World is free today and tomorrow. Be my guest, and if you are so inclined, pass the word along. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and making great progress!

12 thoughts on “A bedtime story, courtesy of my granddaughter”

  1. Cute little story. Love kids and their little minds. I’ve just heard of a few minor errors on my book – I corrected and re-uploaded yesterday. Cringe. Beta readers, a professional edit and my on million read-throughs were not enough clearly! How does that happen? I’m sure there are more hidden within the 125k words and if they are pointed out I’ll change them. What else can we do?

    Hope you get it sorted and good luck with your WIP progress. X

    1. Shah, the brain filters things out! The best way to edit is to change the font, colour of background or something periodically so the brain has to say, “oh, something new! I need to pay attention.” It is the same phenomena as when you can walk into someone’s place and say “you repainted,” then they say, “yes, five years ago!” Always awkward…

    1. Oooh, yes. She is that kind of girl — right after my own heart, even if she weren’t my granddaughter.

      But my favorite part is the ending, “And then they went on vacation.”

  2. Seriously died laughing at “and then they went on vacation.” How precious!! I’m so exciting about Beyond the Waters of the World. I loved Looking Through Lace and can’t wait to read more! Have a great rest of the week 😀

  3. Ruth, don’t feel too bad. It is very easy to miss small typos. I have a course which has been through three trained editors and I still find the odd small problem here and there. We all missed it! The brain overlooks the familiar to save processing power. We have all been there and understand.

    I love your granddaughter’s ending! Mira sounds delightful. I hope you get to hear many more sweet stories.

    1. Isn’t it the truth, Cate! There’s *always* something that we miss. 🙂

      And yes, Mira is delightful — probably more for me than for her parents, since she’s a handful. *g*

  4. Your granddaughter’s stories make more sense than my daughter’s. My daughter tends to leave important information out. For example, “Once a girl was in the forest killing animals.” “Sweetie, that’s not very nice… (Am I raise a psychopath?)” “Why not? She’s getting meat!” “You mean she was hunting in the woods? (Please let it be hunting…)” “Well, duh!” “Phew!”

    Good luck getting everything straightened out and moving forward.

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