Marketing demands muscle out the writing — yet again. Oh, and Iceland too.

I have two group promos coming up again very soon (I will make the official announcements when the time comes). While I really need another push for my sales, which have been in free fall this month, the organization is taking a huge chunk out of my writing time. I only managed to complete another 1000 words on the Murano novella, which I am now intending to call Island of Glass. I liked “Prison of Glass” a lot, but “Island of Glass” goes better with the pre-made cover I bought.

Besides group promo organization, I also decided to make my little fairy tale collection, Never Ever After, permanently free. To that end, I both made it free on Smashwords and uploaded it to a new aggregating site, Draft2Digital, that promised to be able to get free ebooks available on the iTunes store. And they did! Draft2Digital is still in beta, so if you’re interested in their services, you need to write them to get a beta code, but they are very fast, and very helpful, and I can only recommend them. Check it out: Never Ever After is now available for free for the iPad! If anyone has one of those overpriced toys, please do me the favor any download my mini-collection. The point of perma-free is too get some attention, and that won’t happen without downloads. It’s not free on Amazon yet, btw. First Ama has to notice that it’s free elsewhere and price match. I will probably be asking for some help with that at some point, but not tonight.

One other business-slash-writing project was distracting me from new words this week — I compiled the stories for the upcoming collection Story Hunger and sent them to my editor.

Then there was the personal stuff that consumed a lot of time: my father is turning 80 this year, and he wants to get the family together in the summer for a late b-day celebration. Flight prices between Europe and the US have become outrageous at high season, but the cheapest are through Iceland Air. So Chris and I decided to make that into a vacation: we’ll be spending a little under a week in Iceland before we continue on to Seattle. Then of course, once I booked the flight, I immediately started checking into hotels and rental cars, and got lost on Tripadvisor and Expedia …

Wishing everyone a great week!

7 thoughts on “Marketing demands muscle out the writing — yet again. Oh, and Iceland too.”

  1. Iceland is one place I’ve always wanted to visit – great way to make the most of your vacation! I hear you on the marketing, too. I pretty much have to choose between that and the writing, so I do a little networking and choose the writing otherwise. Good luck with yours – and here’s hoping the marketing pays off!

    1. Thanks, Jennette! I’ve been trying to do writing on alternate days, but when there’s a lot of organization for something like this group promo, it just doesn’t work. 😦

      I’m really looking forward to Iceland!

  2. Oh I’m excited to try the new distribution site (once I’m 100% with my book) – thanks for bringing my attention to it. I’ll also have to download your book 😀 We ended our recent holiday in Seattle recently – loved it. It was freezing cold and two days wasn’t enough, but we’d totally go there again. Never been to Iceland though – love to though. Take some piccies and have some fun. X

    1. Thanks, Shah! 🙂 Yeah, Seattle is a great town, kind of a home away from home for me.

      When we’re in Iceland, I will probably do some travel blogging, but that’s not until the summer.

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