Tales of Love and Magic: 99c Fantasy, 3 Days Only, Feb. 10-12!

The latest group promo is underway!

Tales of Love and Magic

Do you like your fantasy with a touch of romance? Do you enjoy love stories that go beyond the bounds of the real? Dancing on the edge between genres, our tales of love and magic–light and dark, happy and tragic–take readers into realms where magic is afoot and love is in the air.

Check out these 10 great books, each available for under a dollar for a very limited time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this collection of love stories for all tastes!

5 thoughts on “Tales of Love and Magic: 99c Fantasy, 3 Days Only, Feb. 10-12!”

  1. I have to be careful how many more books I pile on my Kindle for the PC. I have found I’ll avoid reading them in favor of something I can hold in my hand. A pity, because often the books on the reader are really good…they’re just on this big box on a desk and it’s hard to curl up in a comfy chair with this big box…

    Still, you’ve tempted me. 😉

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