Cover reveal for Island of Glass and progress report

I have my final cover for Island of Glass. Now all I have to do is revise, send it off to beta readers, find an available editor, revise again, format, and publish …

Right. Anyway, here’s the amazing cover by Rachel Cole:

If anyone is inclined to be a beta reader for a fantasy novella set in an alternate seventeenth century Venice and revolving around the glassmakers of Murano, please let me know! Right now, it’s in dormancy, an important step in my creative process, but I think after about another month, I’ll be ready to revise and then send off to my first readers.

Progress on Chameleon in a Mirror: I’ve completed revisions through chapter 13, of 31, which means I’m almost halfway through. Aphra Behn has just experienced the slave rebellion in Surinam that was the basis of her short novel Oroonoko, and is on her way back to England. My critique partner won’t have time to read it until April, but I still want to finish it as soon as possible, so that I have the whole book in mind while I do this pass.

The group promo this week was a lot more successful than the last one, but I’m not seeing much of a post-promo sales bump. At least I finally had some sales on Kobo and B&N. At some point, I will probably have some thoughts on things that could contribute to a successful group promo, but not today. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Cover reveal for Island of Glass and progress report”

  1. Hi, Ruth–
    1-I am willing to proofread “Island of Glass” before it goes online. I’ve found grammatical errors in previous books that I’d like to help you avoid.
    2-This picture is the exact Doppelgänger of my niece, Lauren! (She’s also a “creative” — a jewelry designer/opera singer living in San Francisco.) My husband freaked out when he saw the illustration, too!

    1. That’s wonderful, Victoria, thank you! I will of course also hire a professional proofreader, as I always do, but the more eyes the better! I’ll get in touch with you when Island of Glass is ready for beta. 🙂

      And how funny about the cover! I don’t know who the model is, it was a premade cover, that just seemed to fit so well with the mood of the glassmaking story that I nabbed it.

  2. Commented on LinkedIn and will say the same here:
    “Gorgeous artwork, Ruth! Wow. I’m envious…well, not really. I would be except that I could have those super dreamy gorgeous covers, too, if I were just willing to write those dreamy gorgeously sweet stories 🙂 I’m not. I like my edge. But yours is really nice! Congrats!”

    Glad I clicked through, too. What kind of editorial help are you looking for after your beta readers have a look? Slicing and dicing (as in content editing) or more of the proofreading kind of help? Maybe I can help. I’m trying to launch a new editing biz so I’m open to negotiating a low monetary risk for other barter 🙂 I’m hand-picking who I make that offer to, though. So far, only got one other author to whom I’ve offered the line (Kevin Hanrahan’s 2d MWD story). If you haven’t already checked out my work, I did my own final edits and proofreading for “When Minds Collide” and had readers help on “Conditioned Response” but ended up having to do my own cleanup afterwards anyway.The “clean polish” seems to be one of my most common reviews. I kinda wish they’d comment on the story not the “editing” (proofreading) but it’s not nuthin’

    email me webbiegrrlwriter at gmail if you want to discuss schedule, rates etc.


    1. Thanks, Sarah! The story’s gone through several workshops, so I’m more in the market for proofreading. But since a close friend of mine with editing experience is thinking about starting her own editing business, if she does decide to go for it, she’s of course the one I’ll give the nod to. 🙂 If not, I’ll definitely drop you a line!

    1. Thanks, Cate! I will make a note of it. 🙂 Right now, Island of Glass is “resting” but I should be getting back to it in a couple of weeks, after which I will be ready for beta readers.

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