Being accountable: Progress on my first quarter goals, 2013

End of March, time for some navel-gazing, to see how well I did on the goals I posted back in January. Since I strive to stay as positive as I can (not always easy in this business), I will start with the successes, the things I did achieve in the last three months.

Revisions and rewrting:

– Did a complete pass of my novel Chameleon in a Mirror

– Finished revisions on my Story Hunger collection


From Earth to Mars and Beyond

The Leaving Sweater

– Published Never Ever After to Draft2Digital to make it free on Kobo and iTunes (but still hasn’t been price-matched on Amazon, unfortunately)


– Finished the first draft of Island of Glass (Alternate history Venice / Murano with magic, present draft 18,000 words)

– Started a new book in the Pendragon Chronicles series, A Wasted Land (20,000 words written; not on my original list of goals)

Writing business:

– Made a book page for my blog

– Started publishing to iTunes through Draft2Digital

When I look at that list, it makes me a little less irritated with myself. I may not be the writing fiend I would like to be, but I did get a fair amount accomplished.

But now for confession time. Here’s what I didn’t get done:

– Finish Ygerna (The prequel to The Pendragon Chronicles)

– Get Yseult up for Createspace (ditto Shadow of Stone)

– Edit web page and add links to my ebooks

– Put together a collection (or two) of my stories co-written with Jay Lake

– Finish cover and publish my mini story collection “Oregon Elsewise”

– All the other writing projects I listed that I would love to tackle if I managed to finish all the stuff on my list (which I didn’t).

Sigh. Well, I guess it’s better to aim for too much rather than too little, although going that route there’s always the danger of chastising yourself for not achieving your goals. OTOH, now that I have a list of what I did get done in the last couple of months, I feel a lot better about my progress.

I wish everyone wonderful holidays and unlimited abilities to forgive themselves and others. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being accountable: Progress on my first quarter goals, 2013”

  1. Flippin-heck, Ruth. Let me be you for a month – I’d have book two done and dusted! Congrats on all you have done… you’ve toppled the expectation of this Average Jo(anne) :). X

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