My ridiculously long writing to-do list (revised, 2nd quarter, 2013)

Since I’m in the terrible habit of constantly adding more projects to my plate, rather than just finishing things and crossing them off, my revised list of goals for the 2nd quarter of 2013 is very long. In my own defense, it seems like every time I finish another project, it only adds MORE work to my list rather than less (creating covers, finding editors, promotion, etc.). A lot of that will be reflected in these goals. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the whole blasted thing. It’s mostly here for me, so at the end of the quarter I can compare what I wanted to do with what I actually did do. But the basic, overarching goal is to write (or revise) every day, except when I absolutely cannot manage it. 🙂

Writing goals

Chameleon in a Mirror:

– Fast editing pass (reading for flow)
– Send to crit partner
– Start posting to Fictionpress or Wattpad?

Island of Glass:

– Address crit concerns
– Clean up manuscript
– Send to my niece (my beta YA reader)


– Write last scene
– Brainstorm missing scenes
– Finish complete first draft

A Wasted Land:

– Brainstorm character arcs for Celemon, Taliesin, Nerienda
– Add those to notes
– Finish complete first draft

Various other writing projects:

– Write another novella in the world of Looking Through Lace

– Write more short stories in the world of Rolynka, Alaska (“Tales from Far Beyond North”)

– Finish alternate Rhodes novel

– Finish YA alchemy novel


– Create a book trailer for The Pendragon Chronicles

– Get the rest of the Alaska stories coming out of KDP Select ready for publication in other venues

– Get my fantasy collection Story Hunger ready for publication

– Add blurbs to the beginning of my books and republish

– Finish cover and publish Oregon, Elsewise (two previously published short stories)

– Get “Shadow Artist” ready to publish on Amazon (May – four months after publication in Abyss & Apex)

– Publish “Mars: A Traveler’s Guide” to Amazon and see that it goes free

– Put together a collection (or two) of my stories co-written with Jay Lake

Marketing & promotion:

– Create a trailer for The Pendragon Chronicles

– Write at least one blog post a week and try to keep up with people who comment

– Make some ad banners and set up promotion with Project Wonderful

– Post more regularly to my Facebook author page

– Update web page: publications, links

That’s what I have on my to-do list. Don’t know how much I’ll finish in the next three months, though. 🙂

Good luck to everyone in this round!


4 thoughts on “My ridiculously long writing to-do list (revised, 2nd quarter, 2013)”

  1. Wow, I am tired just reading that list! But we do have to do all these things to publish. I do very little promo, because I just don’t have time, and I’d rather focus on the things I like to do. Good luck with your very long list!

    1. Yeah, I fall behind on promo too, but it’s still there on my list! I know the list is long, but I regard it as a long term thing, since I have such a hard time figuring out what I can accomplish in three months. 🙂

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