Progress on various books and an interview with me

The weather was finally nice again for a change yesterday, so I took the day off and spent it in the garden. Everything’s a bit late this year, since winter went on forever, but right now, the tulips are blooming like crazy.

First tulips

I don’t think I’ve been doing enough “replenishing” lately — need to spend more time in the garden, appreciate all the work I’ve put into it over the years.

On the writing work front, I’m moving forward with the science fiction collection with Jay Lake and sent him a copy of the ebook today. Here’s the latest version of the cover, btw:

What do you guys think, any better?

My hubby has gone through the PDF of Yseult for Createspace, but I haven’t had a chance to address his comments yet. I will be very glad to get this stuff out of the house and spend some more time on writing again!

Finally, Lorna Suzuki did a nice interview with me on her blog. Check it out if you’re so inclined!

Wishing everyone a great week with lots of words and no frustration. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Progress on various books and an interview with me”

  1. Gorgeous tulips – and a dandelion that one day hopes to be a tulip when it grows up!

    Cover – excellent … except for the title. I’ve said it a few times out loud and it sounds really clunky, like it’s actually two titles. ‘Almost All the Way’, and ‘Home from the Stars’. I’ve thunked some thoughts and they are these … ‘Almost all the Way’ doesn’t say anything, however ‘Home from the Stars’ does, and combined with the image of the person walking along a long lonely road, it becomes obvious they aren’t home yet, which conveys a visual ‘she/he isn’t ‘all the way’ home yet.

    So, maybe the title could simply be, ‘Home from the Stars’? … either that or the whole title needs to be the same size, and big enough for all of it to be easily read as a thumbnail?

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Widdershins! The title is based on a short story in the collection, “The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars.” In the very first version, I included the COMPLETE title, silly me. 🙂 This suggestion for shortening it came up several times, but I may not have picked the best way of displaying it. I’ll run your suggestion past Jay and see what he says.

  2. +1 on the previous commenter’s suggestion for the title. I’m a graphic artist, and when I design a cover, I try to get either the title or the author’s name (but not both) as large as I can, ideally so it’s readable in thumbnail size. “Home from the Stars” would break into three lines very nicely, especially with “from the” in smaller type. YMMV! Either way, good luck!

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