On losing work (and other frustrations)

I spent several hours on Monday doing revisions of Island of Glass: addressing critique comments, filling holes, researching some things I’d left out. It felt really good to have a nice block of time for serious writing again, after all the writing business I’ve been doing lately, what with the formatting for the hard copy version of Yseult and the short story collection I’m putting together of my stories with Jay.

Then yesterday I opened the file — and none of the revisions I did on Monday were there.

I’m not sure what happened, if it was some kind of a software glitch or something, or if I was just so befuddled that I copied the old version onto the new rather than the other way around (I was working on my little netbook, which tends to keep me from wasting too much time on the Internet).

I was so frustrated, I didn’t bother going back to it yesterday, and only today have I started trying to recreate the edits I lost. Sigh.

It’s been that kind of week. I got the PDF of Yseult made and uploaded to Createspace, and it told me I needed larger inner margins, since the book is over 600 pages. More formatting, new PDF, another upload. The next time, it objected to the map. And so it goes …

At least I got Yseult up to Draft2Digital today. When I recently had an ad on Bookbub, it took Smashwords about a week to update my sales to the Apple store; D2D gives me that info the next day. So once the D2D version of Yseult is up, I’m canceling the Apple distribution on Smashwords. I will slowly be doing that with the rest of my books too.

Well, if the weather plays along, tomorrow there will be grilling in the garden, and maybe a little bubbly too. 🙂

12 thoughts on “On losing work (and other frustrations)”

  1. Ruth, I feel your pain!!! Hope you were able to recreate everything without too much angst, Sturm und Drang!

  2. When I was in high school my computer crashed while I was writing. Then the blue screen of death came on and kept repeating the filename of my novel. Somehow it had been completely deleted and my novel was gone forever. It was horrible.

  3. If I had that issue with the file not saving right, I would have cried. I’ve cried over less for sure. I think the only thing worse than losing changes to work is losing the work. You’r definitely much stronger than me. I would have not been able to face it for at least 2 weeks if not a month. I hope redoing the work goes by fast for you.

    1. I guess with so many things that have to be redone (reformatting, re-uploading, etc. etc. etc.) re-revising just ends up seeming like one more little thing to add to the long list. 🙂

  4. Ack! I think we’ve had something like this happen to us once or twice or… well, there is a reason for the “Save Early; Save Often” meme. (My husband reminds me of this regularly, and I have autosaves active in everything I do on the computer.)

    So sorry to hear this happened though… many hugs. It’s perfectly understandable that you didn’t feel like trying to fix things the next day. Taking a day off to get over the frustration is normal. And you didn’t let it hold you down. You mourned then moved on.


    1. Oh, yes, I know, Eden, and I do! But what I failed to do this time was save in another format. Don’t think I’ll forget again!

      Soon I will recover the lost work. Soon. 🙂

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