The Canadian Who Won’t be Returning From the Stars

Ooof. I finally got the first collection of SF stories I’ve written with Jay Lake up to Draft2Digital tonight, Almost All the Way Home From the Stars. Here’s the blurb:

“Almost All the Way Home From the Stars” contains seven science fiction short stories by award winning writers Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold. The settings range from distant worlds, to the near future, to an alternate US where slavery was never abolished. Here a sampling:

“Rivers of Eden”: In a world transformed by a virus affecting faith, one lone scientist wants to set loose a cure for fanaticism.

“The Big Ice”: On Hutchinson’s World, Vega and Mox are trying to unravel the mystery of the Big Ice — until the family responsibilities Vega has been trying to escape come back to haunt her.

“The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars”: An NSA agent is assigned to look after a Canadian scientist whose husband has left Earth to visit the stars — and the strange dimple in the lake that she is watching, while waiting for his return.

Five of the stories have been previously published elsewhere, in various online and print markets, including Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction. Two stories are new with this collection.

No links as yet, since it takes a while for books to go up on the various markets, but I will pass them along when I have them. I’m going straight D2D this time, since I’m passing all the profits on to Jay (what little there will be, given how notoriously hard short story collections are to sell). But it will make it a lot easier for me to keep track of profits for this book if everything is in one place. AND D2D will also do all the Createspace work for me. I wasn’t completely happy with the PDF that will be the basis for the print copy of the book, but doing all the Createspace formatting on my own for Yseult was a huge amount of work, and I don’t feel like tackling that again this week. I want this done and out of here. 🙂

And Jay needs to concentrate on his bucket list.

Speaking of Yseult, Createspace has finally approved the files I sent for the print version, but I would rather wait until the light of day to ok them for publication. *g*

In other news, my daughter and I created an amazing cover for Chameleon in a Mirror, but it’s late here in Central Europe, and I can’t figure out how to upload the image from the Facebook page, where I first asked for feedback. When I have a new version, I’ll upload it here!

Haven’t gotten very far in the New Words department in the last few days. I’m hoping that with a couple of these bigger projects off my list (see above), I can spend more time on plain old creation again.

9 thoughts on “The Canadian Who Won’t be Returning From the Stars”

  1. Oh you’ve been busy. I hear you regarding the ‘getting back to creation’… It’s hard work all this self-publishing wotsit. I have created a book cover (if I use it – look out for my request for feedback:D ) for Finding Luna: # 2 The Supes Series, and I’m still very much re-writing it! I’ve found a few critique partners and begun working with them. I’ve missed out on so much FB and ROW80 updates, etc. Too much to do. I did find a new editor who I’m excited to work with this time around. No where near ready just yet.

    D2D are great aren’t they? Best of luck with the book. Sounds great! 🙂

    1. No kidding, Shah! I try to balance the writing and the writing business, but sometimes the business end of things just takes over.

      Good luck with your next book! Will be watching out. 🙂

  2. Hello, Ruth. Just a note to say congratulations. ALMOST ALL THE WAY . . . is happily up on Barnes & Noble and on Amazon (no reviews . . . yet). I hope you post a little more about your experience with Draft2Digital; their service looks streamlined and helpful. I still remember how long it took to meet the e-pubbing requirements of CreateSpace and KDP. I hope your short story collection finds you many new readers!

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