Cover for Chameleon in a Mirror, and various other updates

Some time ago, I promised to post a revised version of the cover for Chameleon in a Mirror to my blog, and I’ve finally gotten around to it:

Please let me know what you think!

Since I got Island of Glass off to my niece, I’ve been working on A Wasted Land, the next novel in The Pendragon Chronicles, trying to sort through what I already have and figure out what is usable and what has to go to the trash bin. That means, I don’t have any word count to report, since I’ve been reading, analyzing, editing.

That’s ok. In the last year or so, I’ve been working on training myself to accept my writing progress, even if it doesn’t include words created.

Wishing everyone a great week!

10 thoughts on “Cover for Chameleon in a Mirror, and various other updates”

  1. I find the image waaay too confusing — four hands with rings (wedding ring? no wedding ring?), a mask, a handkerchief, an intricate dress fabric, and the weird, eponymous chameleon. Then there’s the creepy, overly ornate mirror frame with strange faces and details, and the bad typography on top of it all… ach! Compared with your other strong covers, it’s just not worthy of a Ruth Nestvold novel. (IMO)

  2. It fits in really well with the story, at least the beginning bit I’ve read.

    I love the four women’s hands. Is that top right one copping a feel?

    The mask ‘stooping’ down to peer through the mirror is wonderfully creepy.

    Maybe pull the mirror back a bit?

    The chameleon takes my eye away from the main image.

    The font doesn’t quite work for me, but it’s damn close, but otherwise … fan-bloody-tastic!

  3. I like the overall image — flow, colors, composition — I do have to agree with Victoria on the four hands, though. And the tag line seems a little disjointed, as though it might have been an afterthought just dropped in.

  4. I must be the weird one. I find the four hands not weird, because on first glance I didn’t notice the ones on the waist. It was only when I was looking closer at it that I noticed it. For me, it added a “Oh, who do we have here? What’s up with this?” level to the picture.

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