Changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes

I’m sad.

My daughter, the architect and Photoshop expert who helps me with the covers I do myself, flew to the States today, most likely for good. I’ve always been aware that I might lose her to another continent, the way my dad lost me to Europe, but realizing it might happen, then knowing it will happen, and then finally being confronted with the fact that it has happened … well, those are very different things. We’re very close, she lived next door for many years, and we would trade cooking duties on a regular basis, go out to dinner together, go to the garden together — and of course make covers together. 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t gotten much done in the way of writing the last few days. There have been a lot of going away parties, and a lot to do to help them clear out the apartment and pack and get ready to go. I am not going to kick myself for having other priorities when such a life-changing event is going on. I’ve never been one of those writers who would sell her grandmother (if I had one) for my goals; family is without a doubt more important to me than my writing. And now part of my family is much farther away.

Donations of virtual hugs gladly accepted. *g*


4 thoughts on “Changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes”

  1. >>>>HUGS<<<<

    I know you're at the "I'm sad because I'll miss the times we shared" part of your daughter's leaving, Ruth, but I hope it will soon fade down to a "I hope she's having a lot of fun and will write/call soon–maybe I'll write to her and tell her about the great days we're having; I bet she's a bit homesick too" period.

    Since you've been close for as long as you have, I'm sure she's missing you too, and that she will be thinking of you often.

    As for me… I'll be thinking of you too. ♥

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