Another way to think about marketing

Joanna Penn has a guest post over on David Gaughran’s blog that went up yesterday about marketing myths. Several of the myths I was already aware of (“If I get a traditional book deal, I won’t have to deal with marketing” — known that one for a long time, having been traditionally published *g*). But myth #2 really got me thinking:

MYTH 2: Marketing is scammy, sucky and awful and I’m not the type of person who can do it anyway

It’s time to reframe marketing.

Think of it this way instead. Marketing is sharing what you love with people who will appreciate hearing about it.

You’re writing a book about how you helped your kids escape from Type 2 diabetes. Don’t you think people want to hear about that?

You’ve written a kick-ass action-adventure thriller that will blow the socks off those miserable commuters you share a train carriage with and help them to escape the grind for a few hours. Don’t you think they want to know about it?

So you’ve got to find ways to connect with the people who would want your book – that’s marketing now. It is not scammy or sucky or awful (if you don’t want it to be). It’s about authenticity and the principles around ‘know, like and trust’ as well as technical things which you’ll find out about in this guide.

You also need to reframe marketing because it turns out that we are ALL salespeople these days. In Daniel Pink’s book ‘To Sell Is Human’ he explains how the world has changed and the job of ‘salesman’ really doesn’t exist anymore, but we’re all involved in selling every day. It might be ‘selling’ healthy food to your kids, or ‘selling’ yourself to get a career advancement, or as authors, its pitching our ideas to agents and publishers OR basically trying to get people to be interested in us and our books.

This is very, very solid advice. I think I need to read those paragraphs a couple of times a week to recalibrate my brain a bit. And then, take action accordingly. Not quite sure yet what action that would be, of course … 🙂

Anyone have any great ideas about what marketing as sharing might entail?


One thought on “Another way to think about marketing”

  1. Thanks for bringing this post and myth to my attention. I do feel spammy and sucky about even mentioning my books on my own blog sometimes. I think, “But they don’t want to here about this all the time.” But like you, I need to ‘recalibrate my brain a bit. ‘ 🙂 x

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