Another excerpt from A Wasted Land (for #WIPpet Wednesday)

It’s my first chance to play #WIPpet Wednesday again since returning from vacation. This time, I give you 8 paragraphs from page 21 (8/21). In this scene, Celemon has just learned that her betrothed is accused of getting another woman pregnant.

She wanted to scream and scratch Aurelius’ eyes out, wanted to cry and run away, wanted to do something, anything, about the hotness in her chest and the pain and anger closing her throat. Instead, she took courage from Kustennin’s steady gaze, saw his slight nod and the sympathy and approval growing in his eyes.
With the strength he had given her, she was able to walk past Bethan, where she huddled close against Yseult of Dumnonia, and up to her betrothed.
“It appears you prefer an alliance with a younger daughter from the house of Glastenning to that of Caer Gai,” she said, resisting the temptation to clench her fists in her skirts.
“Celemon, I –”
She raised a hand, ordering him to silence with a gesture, and to her surprise, he complied. “While I can understand the ambition to be allied with a more important family than that of a dead hero, I would have been happy to free you of your vows, especially if you had communicated your desires in a less public way.” Celemon did her best to give a very slight emphasis tot he word “desires,” and she thought she heard a few attempts to repress chuckles. That gave her even more courage. She was turning the mood of the assembled kings and queens so that they no longer regarded her as the victim, she could feel it — even though she had none of the powers of Kustennin and his mother.
“I am not one to try and hold a man when his … ambitions … wander,” she continued. This time, she heard an audible snort, and despite the pain still choking her, she smiled.
“It is not –”
“Quiet!” she commanded, finally allowing her anger to show. “Do not tell me what it is not, if you are not willing to tell me what it is. As you have shown an inclination to spawn heirs with other women before our own nuptials, I would much prefer to bow to the facts and make way for the mother of your child.”

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I’ve gotten another 1600 words written on A Wasted Land since Sunday. While that is not as much as I would like to be able to achieve, I’m still getting back into the swing of things since getting back. Jet lag hit really hard after this trip, and I was pretty out of it for several days. But soon I will hopefully be able to get back to my experiment of trying to increase my writing output through various methods I’ve heard and read about. I will report! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Another excerpt from A Wasted Land (for #WIPpet Wednesday)”

  1. Again, saying you’re not getting the writing you want to get done, but… but … the writing you are getting done is so much fun!

    Seriously though, I can just picture the mood here… Like Lauralynn says–she’s not giving him an inch. And it sounds like it’s what he deserves.

    (btw, Ruth, did you post your link with the WIPpet linkies? That way the other WIpeteers will be able to read this post too.)

  2. There really needs to be a Love button in addition to the Like. You can just feel Celemon getting stronger and stronger as she continues her grilling. And this line, “As you have shown an inclination to spawn heirs with other women before our own nuptials,” I can hear the emotions dripping from that, at least if she’s saying it in the tone I’d be using by then. 😉 Awesome stuff. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  3. I love the way Celemon takes strength from the reactions of those around her and gives her unfaithful husband-to-be a good dressing down. Sounds like he deserved that. It also takes great strength of character to say this: ‘I would much prefer to bow to the facts and make way for the mother of your child’. Great!

  4. I love how powerfully she stands for herself, and refuses to be simply reactive. That’s something I have been focused on in my life…it was emphatically NOT a part of my upbringing. Reading this was inspiring.

    I love when I’m exploring a character and they tell me something whole and deep! I think you were writing where you needed to.

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