More from A Wasted Land for #WIPpet Wednesday

I’m not getting around to much blogging these days other than WIPpet Wednesday, it seems! I feel dreadfully behind on just about everything, like I will never be able to catch up. But at least I can post an excerpt. 🙂

On WIPpet Wednesday, a bunch of us writers post something from a Work in Progress, a passage that is somehow related to the date. You can view the other excerpts here, and you’re welcome to join in the fun!

My math for today: 9+25+13=47. I’m giving you a short excerpt from page 47 of A Wasted Land. In this scene, it’s about a week since Kustennin was elected Pendragon, and he, his family, and some of his closest comrades are discussing what needs to be done:

“Speaking of horses, you might want to consider appointing a new Master of Horse,” Bedwyr said.
Cador threw up his hands. “Do not look at me, I beg you! I will of course go to war with you, but I do not want a role again that will take me away from my family for long stretches of time.” Riona had abandoned her own chair to climb up into her father’s lap, and Cador was doing his best to push his wine glass out of her grasp.
Kustennin smiled. “I think it would be in my own best interests not to take you away from my mother. Or my little sister.” He reached across the table and chucked Riona under the chin. She batted his hand away with a spoon, laughing.
He glanced around the table, wondering who he could appoint as Master of Horse. None of those he most trusted had the same knowledge of horseflesh as his stepfather had, as Cai once had.
Except perhaps Cai’s daughter Celemon.
For whatever reason, not even Celemon’s brother Garanwyn knew horses the way she did. Perhaps it was because Celemon had been hanging around in the stables while Garanwyn was training to become a warrior. Or perhaps it was because Celemon had been in fosterage with Cador, while Garanwyn had been fostered with Aircol in Moridunum — and now knew boats better than he knew horses.
It was unfortunate Kustennin couldn’t make Celemon his Master of Horse. Or could he? Who was to say that the person filling the position had to be a warrior? Wasn’t a knowledge of horses more important?
But before he made any decisions, he would speak with Bedwyr. He was somewhat worried that a desire to have Celemon by his side might be clouding his judgement.

13 thoughts on “More from A Wasted Land for #WIPpet Wednesday”

  1. Strong woman and horse…. I’m already smiling. 🙂 I have two of your novels on my TBR pile and waiting on my Kindle… and I’m getting very close to them. Which is exciting 😀 X

  2. I’m with Shah, strong female characters and horses . . . make my day. 🙂 This is really flowing well and I love that Kustennin is considering making Celemon his Master of Horse.

  3. ahh…the logistics of trying to be progressive and what to do when what is infatuated with another. Seems that Kustennin has some things on his mind. =P

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