Cover drafts for Facets of Glass, the second book of The Glassmakers

Yesterday, I got the initial cover designs for the second book of the Glassmakers trilogy back from my cover artist, the lovely and talented Rachel Cole of Littera Designs. For the first book in the series, I bought a beautiful pre-made cover:


Since I want the other books to have the same look and design, I recently hired Rachel to do covers for Facets of Glass and Shards of Glass, even though they are still only in the brainstorming phase. Here are her drafts for the second novella in the trilogy:

Just a little bit of background: the novellas are YA historical fantasy set in an alternate baroque era with magic, revolving around the fate of the Italian glassmaker Chiara. The first book is set in Murano, Venice and Lido, and the second book in Bohemia and its capital, Prague.

So without revealing anything about my own preferences, I want to ask my wonderful readers what they think. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cover drafts for Facets of Glass, the second book of The Glassmakers”

  1. The baroque picture frame is too reminiscent of Chameleon in a Mirror. I don’t like her wearing the same dress on both the first and second book covers (unless glassmaking doesn’t pay much and she blew all her lire on the dress and pearls…) So for a change of clothes, a more obvious reference to Prague’s beautiful Charles Bridge, and an eyeful of gorgeous, romantic purple hooded cloak, I vote for the last image!

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